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  1. Virginia FS: Total Chaos Upper Control Arms (UCA)

    Brand new, unopened. Bought these for my bronco but ended up going with a different set of arms. Selling for $880 + shipping. Photo with username... Stock photo (yes, stock, mostly here just so you don't have to Google to see what they look like. I haven't opened the box):
  2. Need help with a measurement from stock upper control arms

    I'm having an issue with the fitting of a set of aftermarket upper control arms.. and they (the company - who shall currently remain nameless) are acting like it's my issue. I'm hoping that some of you that might have already upgraded control arms, might have the stock arms laying around and...
  3. Anyone recognize this bolt? (solved, wasn't part of my bronco)

    Not sure where to post this, so going with general right now.. Was doing suspension work on my bronco (Frankie), changing the front shocks and trying to replace the upper control arms (that part didn't go well, put the stock control arm back) ... Anyway, took it for a quick spin around the...
  4. "Frankie" Overlanding Build - 2023 Bronco Wildtrak - Area 51 4 door hardtop

    Bought Frankie back in early June off the dealer lot. She wasn't quite what I was looking for (not an exact option match), but close enough :) Spent June mostly figuring out how I wanted to build her out, and began ordering the parts. Most things arrived in July, and finished most of my build...