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  1. Door module update fixes window flop

    I was running the available updates for modules while I had FDRS hooked up, a couple of them were for Driver and Passenger door modules. I didn't think anything of it, I've ran similar updates before and never noticed a difference. This morning I unlocked my doors and the windows rolled down...
  2. Good OBD2 monitor compatible with Apple?

    What's a good OBD2 monitor compatible with Apple? Forscan Lite seems ok but looking for more option. I've heard Torque Pro is good but seems to be Android only. Bonus points if you have an adapter to recommend.
  3. FL-910s Oil Filter Sale for 2.3L owners

    $3.97 each at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Motorcraft-FL-910S-Oil-Filter/dp/B004A2BCWY or $7.19 for a 2-pack at Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/2-pack-Motorcraft-Oil-Filter-Mtcfl910s/247899534
  4. New Part: Ford OEM Bronco Heritage Limited Script Badge M-1447-BSS

    Now we know why Ford sent Bronco Depot cease and desist letters. Now available from Ford part # M-1447-BSS, 2 pack chrome for $130.00. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-1447-BSS 2021-2023 "BRONCO" SCRIPT EMBLEM KIT -SILVER Classic "Bronco" script fender badge finished in silver Fits...
  5. Kentucky WTB: Raptor Fog Lights

    Anyone have a set of Raptor Rigid Fog lights they replaced and want to sell? I’m in Kentucky.
  6. Kentucky Sold

  7. Rock Auto Closeout 1/11/23 - TPMS sensors

    If anyone needs Ford TPMS sensors, RockAuto has Motorcraft part number TPMS69 on closeout right now for $40.79 ($10 off). I looked online and they go for $50-70 elsewhere. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=12877965&cc=3448310&pt=12036&jsn=__GIP__87__
  8. 2023MY Standard Audio (6-speaker) Subwoofer Delete Mandatory and Functional Amps Removed

    edit: updated 12/13 with dealer notification and attached customer acknowledgement form Product Offering Change: Ford Bronco Audio System ACTION REQUESTED Please be advised of a product offering change related to the Ford Bronco Audio System Subwoofer on 2023 Ford Bronco. Upcoming orders...
  9. Peak Yellow Coolant

    I had to top off my coolant a few months ago and only found the OEM/Motorcraft yellow from the dealer. I was looking for some coolant for my wife's car and noticed Peak had a Ford Yellow that may be easier to find than the Motorcraft stuff if you're in a pinch. Amazon...
  10. Race Red Wildtrak stolen from Michigan Storage Lot and crashes into pole

    Anyone have a race red 4 door bronco built but awaiting delivery? https://fordauthority.com/2022/08/stolen-ford-bronco-part-of-larger-incident-near-michigan-assembly-plant/
  11. Ford Tech says Blown T-Case is owners fault for using 4A on Dry Pavement

    From the same guy who defended his dealership when they marked up a forum member’s reserved Bronco. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/dealer-doing-last-minute-markups-on-my-bronco.47575/page-6#post-1475369 My question to him would be: Why does sport mode engage 4A on advanced transfer case...
  12. Ford Pride Bronco

  13. JKS Manufacturing Max Tire Clearance & Steering Sleeve

    $59 for the steering sleeve & $209 for new body mount & fender liner brackets https://jksmfg.com/blogs/new-products/bronco-upgrades JKS is excited to announce the first of many new products for the 2021 Ford Bronco with a pair of upgrades. The first, the max tire clearance kit is designed...
  14. Oil Change Interval Calculator

    Interesting formula I came across on www.bobistheoilguy.com OCI (miles) = Oil sump capacity (quarts) x 50 x MPG BTW, here is TooSlick's formula which is more elaborate/refined as it also takes into account oil's starting TBN, engine displacement, and engine HP: OCI (miles) = 0.8 x TBN x TBN x...
  15. FORscan Licenses and Support Suspended?

    I'm a little hesitant to post this in case it becomes political, but did anyone else realize that FORscan was based in Russia? Somehow I didn't notice until today they have a Russian forum right after the English one.
  16. Auto Dim Rearview Mirror Stuck On

    My mirror was fine yesterday when I drove and this afternoon it was so dark I could barely see out the back window. I tried to see my kids in the back seat and I couldn’t see a thing. I drove it last night, it’s like it’s stuck on dim now. Tried unplugging and reconnecting the wiring harness and...
  17. Updated MY22 Job 2 Order Guide Now Available

    Order guide attached. JOB 2 ORDER GUIDE UPDATES – Effective on all vehicles built on or after Job#2 (05/02/2022 – Subject to change) ● Added: The Everglades and Raptor series ● Added: HOSS Suspension with FOX™ (52Z) ● Added: Removable Hoop Step (18H) ● Added: Desert Sand Paint1 (available on...
  18. Kentucky Black Diamond at MSRP

    Not mine but hope someone on here can grab this if still available
  19. FabFours Front & Rear Bumpers now available

    I searched and didn't see these posted yet. FabFours front & rear bumpers now available. Pretty good pricing, the stubby starts at $1,000. https://fabfours.com/ford-bronco-accessories/ Matrix: Vengance Front: Vengance Rear: Stubby:
  20. B&O Lux Stereo Tuning?

    Anyone that’s an audiophile have some settings I can copy from your B&O system to fine tune the stock system as best as possible? I’m sure there’s something better than right down the middle on everything.