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  1. Door Hinge Bolt Part Number?

    I believe so but to be honest I don’t recall for certain. Might be able to call your local parts dept with that part number and confirm.
  2. Door Hinge Bolt Part Number?

    This is what I bought a year or two ago for me FE… Part Number Part Name Price Quantity Total -W721743-S439 Upper Hinge Pivot Bolt $2.26 4 $9.04 -W721744-S439 Lower Hinge Pivot Bolt $1.66 4 $6.64
  3. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    Submitted my report to NHTSA on Monday. 21 FE 4 door. Picked up 12/21. Issue has been present from day 1.
  4. Hardtop fitment issues

    Sorry to hear. It looks like Ford has a TSB on this… July 21, 2022 MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATION NUMBER: TSB 22-2288 Components: STRUCTURE NHTSA ID Number: 10216460 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 22-2288 Summary Some 2021-2022 Bronco vehicles equipped with a hard top roof may...
  5. Increase Your Ford’s Bronco Traction Off-Road With ARB Air Locker

    Great to see these available for the bronco!
  6. First Edition Graphics Are A PAIN To Remove!!!

    I peeled my FE stickers off as soon as I got home from the dealer. At first they broke apart like your pics. But I found with a hair dryer on low heat they did not break as much. I also used my fingernail to peel up the entire leading edge first so I could then grab the full width of the sticker...
  7. 🛠 11/1/21 Build Week Group

    My modules just popped. Blend day 11/1. 6740. 15/1101