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  1. Any mountain pics?

    Colorado Springs area.
  2. Diff & TC fluids changed out.

    Carbon, thanks for the reply. I appreciate your knowledge. I think I will split the difference and go 75w-110 in the front.
  3. Diff & TC fluids changed out.

    Curious if Dana recommends 75w-140 in the M190 front diff as well?
  4. HAIL NO

    We had some pea size last weekend. I can’t even imagine hail big enough to knock off mirrors. Hope you get a quick repair.
  5. HAIL NO

    So sorry to see this! As bad as the hood looks, curious if the hard top had any damage?
  6. Ford transfer case skid installed on Base Bronco (with part numbers)

    Thank you for posting this, especially with part numbers! I will be ordering for my base.
  7. Bronco Team 2 door.

    They are the optional ford removable hoop steps. $395 option when I ordered my bronco.

    10-1-20 Grangetober reservation 3-6-23 scheduled week 3-7-23 built 3-27/4-2 estimated shipped date to granger. 3-31 picked up at granger
  9. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Thank you! I’m having a blast with it so far!
  10. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Proud to finally join the 2 door club. Posted in the EG thread, but wanted to post here also.
  11. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    2.5 years after reservation finally got my base 7sp.
  12. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    Granger had a bunch there waiting to be picked up!
  13. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    Got mine home from Granger today!
  14. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    Those wheels look fantastic! What splash guards did you use and how was install?
  15. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    Im going up Friday to get mine. I will keep my eyes open for your HPR base.
  16. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    I love seeing all these base models!
  17. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    I emailed her this morning, unfortunately haven’t heard back yet. Congrats again!
  18. 03/06/2023 Build Week

    Congrats Ray! I hope I’m not too far behind.