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  1. Bronco and 4Runner on Telegraph Line Trail, AZ

    This trail really stretches your suspension.
  2. Broncos at Windrock Park with BroncBuster during Super Cel East

    During the Super Cel East event, Tyler (@tmason10) and Amy from BroncBuster organized a group run to Windrock Park in nearby Oliver Springs TN. We only covered trails 22 and 26 due to time contraints, but it was a great time.
  3. Tackling Hurricane Creek Trail (NC) with the Blue Ridge Bronco group

    Prior to Super Cel East, we met up with the Blue Ridge Bronco Group for some fun on Hurricane Creek Trail (near the TN/NC border off I-40).
  4. Install of the Ford Performance C Bow brace

    Very easy install. If you have a 2021 model, make sure you have the necessary threaded bolt holes in the roll bars. Our 2021 was made late in the run and had them. Bronco Ford Performance 'BRaptor' rear brace
  5. Mabett Raptor Style Tail Lights for non Raptor Bronco installed

    Saw these and thought they looked great. Replacing my tail lights wasn’t high on my list of priorities, but with some slight damage to the rear passenger one and these being only slightly over $300, I figured I’d give them a shot. Link to them for anyone interested https://amzn.to/3P0WfcX
  6. KHC Off Road Bronco Body Brace installed

    We did a video on the install. If you want to potentially save yourself a slight headache due to lack of instructions before installing yours, make sure you check out this video. I think it's a great mod and very good quality. Very easy install otherwise.
  7. Chicagoland Broncos invade Badlands Park

    Chicagoland Broncos having fun at Badlands off road park. We have a designated runway/launching pad for those who like to take flight!
  8. Bronco, 4Runner, & Tacoma on Mountain Springs Road in KY

    This was definitely the hardest trail we hit on the DBBB. A winch is a must due to the mud being slicker than grease in one particular part of the trail. We all had to winch our way through that particular obstacle.
  9. Bronco w/38s on Sinking Creek Trail in KY

    Latest video from our trip to the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway as part of the Overland The Red event in October. This is one way in/out trail with lots of ruts and mud. Several rocks to navigate around.
  10. Alignments with tires over 37"

    I'm being told that you can't get an alignment done with tires over 37 inches due to the lasers not be capable. Anyone else have this issue? My tires are 38x12.5r17s and this is the first I've heard of that.
  11. Bronco on 38s, 4Runner, & Tacoma on Spaas Creek Rd DBBB

    Just added our video for the Day run on Spaas Creek Road while at the Overland the Red Event in the Red River Gorge are of Kentucky. Spaas Creek Road is a very popular trail on the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway. You definitely don't need 38s or a highly built rig to do this trail. A stock...
  12. Bronco, 4Runner, Tacoma, and Land Cruiser tackle Old Fincastle Rd

    As part of the Overland the Red event, we had fun on our first day with Old Fincastle Road on the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway.
  13. Overland Kings 270 awning on the 6 Gen Bronco

    We recently installed the Gen 1 270 degree awning from Overland Kings. Tons of shade!
  14. Harbor Freight Badlands Jack mounted in the Bronco

    In case anyone is curious about using the Harbor Freight Badlands Jack for your Bronco in an Off-road setting.
  15. Action camera mount for the Bronco Trail sights

    Nifty item off Amazon that may be beneficial for others so I thought I'd share.
  16. Slight set back with the RCV axles and BroncBuster diff tube

    Error from the first shop on the install took us on a whirl of anxiety! Rental car (thank you airline miles) a second shop and several phone calls between a second shop, RCV, and Bracken Machine and all is good now.
  17. Installed the Rugged Radios G1 Adventure Series GMRS radio

    After 2 warranty claim with Midlands for their MXT575 and lack of responses in a timely manner, we decided to give Rugged Radios a try.
  18. Broncos in Ouray Colorado Video Playlist is up

    This July, ourselves a few other Chicagoland Broncos members hit the trails in the San Juan Mountains in South West Colorado. We were there for 5 whole days and had a blast. Driving between snow drifts almost twice as high as our lifted Bronco in some places. Trails included: Ophir Pass...
  19. Carbon Fiber Fender Delete Kit on Bronco - installed photos

    We installed the Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Fender delete kit for the 4 Dr Bronco (they also have a 2 Dr version). These look amazing and are 1,000 times better than the RC Steel units they replaced. Fit is outstanding!
  20. RCV Performance axles and Broncbuster axle tube installed

    Our good friends at Total Off Road and More of Naperville slapped these in for us today. RCV Performance M210 half shafts and the new @BroncBuster Differential tube for the M210 passenger side. The install was pretty seemless and took less than 4 hours. The tube did require pressing an axle...