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  1. 74Weld compares Bronco Raptor vs. Bronco on portals

    completely unrealistic cost for most of us, but that doesn't mean I don't want it LMAO!
  2. Muddy water fording alternator issue fix: TSB 22-2392 -- Mud Accumulation in Generator

    The real question is why did ford put the alternator at the bottom of the motor lol! while I love this thing, the alternator should have been near the top like many other "offroad" vehicles i've owned.
  3. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    i wouldn't mind trying a braptor in a few years. but for now i'll flog my badsquatch on 37s. just need my local trails to open for the season.
  4. Why would there be 80 miles on new Bronco?

    mine had 12.4 on it. and a couple of those miles were to the gas station and back so it would likely have been 10 ish off the semi.
  5. My DIY welding fix for rear cracked control arm brackets on 2021 Bronco

    bonus points for not going through the car wash under carraige blaster first lol!
  6. STUCK and SMASHED Snow Wheeling 🫣 [VIDEO]

    hell just jumping mine a few inches off the ground made my butt pucker. i don't think i could send it off the side of a hill like that hahaha
  7. Anybody pulled over by cops for tires poking out from fender flares?

    laws are laws. not much you can do about it except abide by them. generally in CO, if you don't break more than one law at time, you don't get looked at too much lol! but we have no tire/fender law that I know of.
  8. Drivers side windows roll down 1/2 inch after holding unlock

    i did recently go in for my drivers door window catching on weatherstrip. i have a feeling they updated the module but didn't update the passenger side module. cause i rarely use the unlock buttons since i can just touch the door handle. and now that only one side is behaving this way, it's...
  9. Windows Open Slightly When unlocked

    so i'll throw this at ya... my 2022 does this and I hate it. I held down my unlock button today while scanning what frequency it sends with a TPMS tool (whole other issue i'm sorting out trying to activate TPMS) and all of a sudden my drivers side windows roll down 1/2 inch when unlocking the...
  10. Drivers side windows roll down 1/2 inch after holding unlock

    I was trying to program some TPMS and in doing so, messing with the scan tool I held the unlock button on the bronco to see what frequency it was running on. all of a sudden my drivers side windows (both front and back seats) roll down 1/2 inch when hitting unlock. The passenger side windows...
  11. Nose high on Fox 2.5 (not leveled)

    thank you! we'll see how things ride here throughout winter.
  12. Nose high on Fox 2.5 (not leveled)

    Questoin for AccuTune, how much are a set of the 033-23-250-1 springs for the bronco? I have the BDS kit on mine and had my shop adjust the rears a bit to level me back out with my gear in the bronco. but just in case this ends up not being enough, i'm curious what the 250 pound springs cost.
  13. Just another reason for additional driving lights... headlights covered in snow / ice

    LEDs don't make heat. driving in a full on snowstorm it just happens. something you have to be aware of now adays. Major PITA when we deploy on winter blizzard SAR missions. my aftermarket DOT legal yellow fogs on the other hand seem to generate enough heat (higher intensity or just more...
  14. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Pressure vs. Goodyear Territory MTs

    chalk test your tires and see what PSI makes full contact with the chalk test. that's your street pressure plus 10%. done that for years, even on heavy duty trucks. freaks out the tire shop but my unloaded F250 doesn't need 80 PSI in the rear tires. I only run 40 in them. i run 30 in my...
  15. Disengage the electric emergency brake?

    ford missed the mark on the electric e-brake actuator. why? if you're offroading and going up an extremely steep hill, for some reason loose momentum, and have to back down... a trick is to partially engage your e-brake so you have more downhill brake bias than uphill. you tend to...
  16. Okay, let's see them. Your favorite picture for 2023!

    crossing Coney Flat "lake" this fall!
  17. Bronco screams forward downshifting from 3rd to 2nd in low range

    couple videos of me testing after the TSB was applied. it still jumps a little bit but does not even remotely begin to overpower the brakes like it did.
  18. Bronco screams forward downshifting from 3rd to 2nd in low range

    yeah this was my belief too with all the other automatic transmissions i've offroaded. hopefully it's fixed now.
  19. Bronco screams forward downshifting from 3rd to 2nd in low range

    OK finally time to update this thread! I picked up my bronco from my favorite dealership in Wyoming yesterday after dropping it off before christmas for them to spend some time on the shifting issue, and a couple other things that were bugging me. (seriously, these guys are great!!) first the...