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  1. Cyber Orange remorse?

    I'm 6'-5" and 250lbs., get the color that pleases you but by all means get a set of seat jackers. They'll give you more front rise in the seat and will give your legs additional support. I just returned from a 3100 mile trip to Colorado from south Texas and I think they saved my back...
  2. 2-door Sasquatch is squatting in the back!

    I plan to haul quite a bit of gear and dogs too so I replaced my Fox 2.0' stock Bilsteins with these. They're adjustable to fit your needs, without removing the tires and the ride is an improvement over stock! Eibach 2021+ Ford Bronco Pro-Truck Coilover 2.0 Front & Rear — Panda Motorworks
  3. Injen Intake & Charge Pipe installed on 2.7 Bronco

    One question, how do you replace the air filter on the Injen intake, remove the piping and plug in another?
  4. Ditch Lights - Large vs. Small

    I chose Baja Design Squadron Sports and paired them with the Baja Design S1's for my ditch lights then added the Baja Design LP6 up front, and yeah, I keep them covered unless I'm off-roading at night. They're too expensive to have them knocked out by road debris on the highway!
  5. Sas bilstein swap leveling part?

    That's exactly what it is. I recently replaced my Bilsteins with a ReadyLift leveling kit I had installed.
  6. Eibach Coilovers NOW AVAILABLE!

    I promised I would come back and give you my review after installing the Pro Truck 2.0 coilovers from Eibach. After setting the height at around 1.5" over the Wildtrak standard height, also added zero offset Method 705's using original tires, I have the look I wanted all along. The ride on the...
  7. Wheel offset - new at this really need some guidance

    Looks great! I went with Method 705's in Titanium with 0 offset on the original tires after installing the Eibach Pro Truck 2.0 Coilovers. I'm only up about 1.5" from standard Sasquatch but it gave me the height, the ride, and look I was after! The 0 offset creates a poke out from the Wildtrak...
  8. New Tires - Toyo R/T Trail (315/70r17) installed

    Looks good. I was thinking about going with a set in 35x12.5x17 for a slightly taller tire. I want to stick with 35's !
  9. California Rear OEM HOSS Bilstein Coilover 21+ ebay Store $150.00 Lowered Price

    I've got a set available in the Houston, TX area if anyone's interested. I'm good with the $400 asking price also and they come with the ReadyLift leveling kit.
  10. UPDATE! Toyo Open Country R/T Trail Tires 315/70 (Snow and Ice Review)

    I'm looking at the same Toyo's but in 35 x 12.5 x 17 as they are slightly taller than the 315's. I also like their "E" sidewall rating.
  11. Any quiet + cat back + dual exhaust options out there?

    If you installed it yourself, take it to a local muffler shop. My guy has mine fitting perfectly but it did take him a few tries at raising the passenger side more than expected then tightening down on the pipe clamp.
  12. Considering buying new 2024 Bronco, thoughts on quality issues and problems?

    I came from Ford Expeditions, Mercedes SL 500 and a Porsche 911 as my most recent cars. All very different cars. My '22 Wildtrak 4 door hardtop reminds me most of the 911, a little noisier than the others but also very peppy with the 2.7. It took me awhile to really appreciate the vehicle for...
  13. Imogene Pass in July

    How does Imogene compare to Ophir Pass? We did Ophir last October in my Expedition FX4 w/ 35's and no problem, no bottom contact but decided not to attempt Imogene due to the OnX information.
  14. 0-60 in 4 Seconds - My 2.7 Bronco Performance Modification Thread

    If you're still in the market for an exhaust upgrade, I highly recommend the Borla Cat Back exhaust. It turns down nicely and won't get knocked off the first time you crawl off a rock ledge!
  15. New Triple Fog Light Kit from CrystaLux

    Beware of the Oracles, I've already replaced each side which Oracle customer service was kind enough to supply new ones, but soon after I replace one, another one begins to retain moisture. This is only after driving in the rain, no mud bogging or creek crossing. Both driver an passenger...
  16. Competition: 2024 Jeep Wrangler Gets Facelift & Upgrades

    While Jeep is upgrading the new Wrangler, they should seriously consider increasing the interior space! I am 6'5 250 lbs and no way would I subject myself to that small of a cabin! The Bronco is only a few inches wider but it makes a huge difference in how comfortable it is.
  17. Which aftermarket exhaust sounds best?

    Ever heard a naturally aspirated Porsche boxer 3.8L with Fabspeed exhaust?
  18. I Rented a Gladiator...My thoughts vs Bronco

    I recently rented a Gladiator in Philly and came away with the same observation. I'm just glad my travels only took me to Delaware City!
  19. Drop a Picture of Your Bronco for a Rating

    '22 Wildtrak at the Old Humble Oil Gas Station in Cypress, Texas
  20. What is the most fun to drive vehicle you have ever owned? 6G Bronco for me

    I love driving the Bronco but there is no comparison when driving a very spirited sports car versus a 4wd truck! My 2007 Carrera S bumped up to 420 hp and rowing through 6 gears is almost as good as sex, almost!