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  1. The Dr. Squatch Ford Bronco Sweepstakes

    It's in the official rules, and it's a Google Docs form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd91mgs_GGmxsMYbY9JPb_Mk9WOnMvmLJAISUS58FJJtwYq-g/viewform
  2. Whats the Cleanest/Best A Pillar Mounts you guys have seen ? ? ? ?

    Nice! *updates wish list*
  3. Soft top care

    I've had mine since Nov '21 and I haven't used a protectant yet. I park it in my garage at home, so it probably doesn't get the exposure that outdoor parkers do. Looked practically brand-new when I cleaned it last, so I didn't figure I needed protectant. I probably ought to at some point just in...
  4. Soft top care

    My local detail shop suggested Chemical Guys convertible top cleaner and a soft bristled brush. Wet the top down, spray the cleaner, gently agitate with the brush, rinse. I'm 5'7", so I had to get on a ladder. I did it in sections, looks pretty good.
  5. My Gifford National Forest Camping and 4x4 Trip: (photo HEAVY)

    Finally threw together some of the clips I shot into about 6 minutes' worth of video. Couple clips from the Bronco Trail App with the telemetry overlay at the end just for shiggles.
  6. Missing Accessories / Parts in Bronco Aftermarket?

    This one looks the same: https://a.co/d/3IUFGpk EDIT: dimensions are a bit bigger.
  7. My Gifford National Forest Camping and 4x4 Trip: (photo HEAVY)

    Here's some of the stuff I shot yesterday. I took a bunch of video from the dash along the trail, too. Just need to sift through it and trim it down.
  8. My Gifford National Forest Camping and 4x4 Trip: (photo HEAVY)

    Great fun, and great to meet you @raqball! Looking forward to another trip up that way, the area is beautiful.
  9. My Gifford National Forest Camping and 4x4 Trip: (photo HEAVY)

    Nice writeup and photos! Beautiful up there.
  10. What's up with CarPlay / audio - issue switching between iPhones

    My '21 Big Bend sometimes has issues with switching between iPhones, too. Most of the time, if I go wired CarPlay, it figures itself out. Haven't had the startup screen issue in a while, but it very rarely happened to me anyway. I wanna say it only happened a handful of times in a few months...
  11. Scouting Gawly Creek in Oregon

    Beautiful rig!
  12. Front End Friday! Show off your Bronco!

    Mt Hood in the background. Photo by @ArtHughes
  13. bronco trail app

    Yeah, it's been gone from the iOS app store for a while now. Couple months at least.
  14. bronco trail app

    If you have a Bronco, the app is supported on it. If you're getting a 'vehicle not supported' error, it's most likely the app being stupid. It works most of the time on my '21 Big Bend. I was even able to record video with the telemetry overlay on the trail a couple weeks ago. There's a few...
  15. Broncos Hit Triangulation Point - Tillamook State Forest

    Yeah, totally understand. Probably only do that sort of thing on the shorter runs, unless we find something just too good to pass up.