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  1. Pelican Cargo Cases + BAtents Rack

    Needed a camping storage solution... The Pelican cases fit pretty good on the BAtents rack. This is Pelicans largest cargo case BX140 but they also have a BX90 that could fit long ways (you could actually fit 2 of them on the short rack but lose weight tolernace - only estimated 25 lbs of gear...
  2. Texas Sold: Bestop Bimini Mesh Shade

    Local pickup North Dallas area. 1 strap in back (4 hook straps over roll bar) has plastic piece missing but secures fine, used for a few days. Fits under hardtop with no need to remove it... selling for $175. -$125 less than sale price of $299 from Ford.
  3. Badass Tents Rear Half Roof Rack installed on 4-Door Bronco MIC Top

    Here are some shots for those looking at the option.... no issues so far besides fedex scratching the brackets lol Badass Tents team has been great on communication and customer service for any issues as well.
  4. Lucks Bronco Build: Wrap Satin/Gloss, BA Tent Rear Roof Rack, Baja Designs, GoRhino Steps, Storage...

    Edit: Updates and progress below... Day 1 Order July 13 2020 / Delivery Nov 2021 Originally FE Cactus Grey but unfortunately the FE version did not have many color options. Supreme Wraps Dallas completed the wrap with rails and door jambs in less than 2 weeks. We've been off-roading about 2...
  5. Texas Sold: Rock Rails 4 Sale

    4 Door Rock rails for sale, took off at 500 miles. DFW area pickup preferred. $300
  6. Texas Sold: Rock Rails for Sale DFW

    4 Door Rock rails for sale, took off at 500 miles, practically brand new. DFW area pickup preferred. $300