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  1. Are orders for new units possible

    Hi friends I haven't been on the forum in a while. I'm thinking of trading my Lightning for a Bronco... are orders for new units possible and what sort of pricing should one expect? I'd probably opt for a Big Bend model instead of anything too fancy.
  2. 4-door rear seat/bench removal

    Do we know for sure if the 4-door rear seat/bench can be removed/is modular? I would like the flexibility to remove for cargo/dogs etc.
  3. So do any other trucks or SUVs have "washout" interiors?

    Hello all, I am sorry for this post in advance. So I have some mild obsession/anxiety issues when it comes to dog hair in my trucks and lately have been thinking about the washout interior on the Bronco and was wondering if this exists on any other vehicles that you guys know of. The lack of...
  4. 2.7L v6 E85

    I can't find almost any information on this. Does the 2.7L v6 have enough fueling capability to be tuned for E85? I don't want to hear about E85's impacts on the fueling system - you have to pay to play with E85, that's fine. Definitely going to be putting together a plan to do the first E85...
  5. Will the Bilstein suspension make the on-road drive / ride quality softer?

    I haven't had a vehicle like the Bronco before - the closest thing is the Tacoma which I'm pretty sure has a leaf spring in the rear and at times the suspension feel in the truck is quite violent. On the Tesla the suspension is firm, it doesn't shake all over the road like the Tacoma, you just...
  6. I'm here for the rubberized flooring and marine vinyl.. thought stream inside.

    tl;dr: It will be interesting to see what options can be added outside of core packages - it may change the trim level I'm interested in and I hope the reservation can be updated when we get new information over the next several months. So I saw the leaks the last few months and then watched...