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  1. Manny tranny owners, would you do it again?

    I have zero interest in an automatic Bronco and the only reason I bought it is because I could get a 2 Door Manual. I also have a manual STi and M2. Automatic cars are just transportation to me. Add a manual and it becomes more. Save the Manuals! lol
  2. Downpipes for 2.3L

    Ranger, Mustang, Focus RS all have downpipes and custom tuning. Need it for the Bronco! Eventually I’d like to dump the Ford Performance tune even though it’s good. Just want some more. Another 100 hp and tq would be nice.
  3. Bronco Raptor at Costco! Big Savings -$2,400 off MSRP

    Had no idea these were that much$$ but At least you can use the F250 for work, to make money, tow, plow, etc.
  4. Bronco Raptor at Costco! Big Savings -$2,400 off MSRP

    pushing $100k with tax, etc. Braptor probably one of the last vehicles I would consider if you handed me $100k to buy something.
  5. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    They shouldn’t have raised MSRP so much. My exact build 21 Badlands is like $8k more now if you buy a new one. I would not be a Bronco buyer now because I don’t think my Bronco is worth mid $50k and I don’t want to settle for a lower model. If I didn’t already have the 21 , I wouldn’t be...
  6. Post your Bronco's garage mates!

    Bronco doesn’t clear the garage door opener so technically not garage mates😀 All Manual transmissions
  7. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I have the scraping and it’s documented at my dealer. I didn’t do the TSb because it doesn’t seem to fix the noise. Has there been any significant number of actual failures or is it just a nasty sound?
  8. Why you should change your own oil

    I always have dealers do maintenance, oil changes within warranty period so there is proof the maintenance was done In case I have some catastrophic failure. Otherwise you may get stuck having to show receipts and trying to prove you did an oil change. I do inspect myself between oils changes.
  9. Considering buying new 2024 Bronco, thoughts on quality issues and problems?

    $70k is almost the price the Bronco Raptor started at. Negotiate hard on this For all of us! My 21 two door Balands non Squatch 7MT msrp was $46k and it’s now like $8k more same build. Ford wanted in on all the ADMs dealers were getting. I think the price increases are ridiculous and as much as...
  10. Differences Between Wildtrak and Badlands

    Or buying a new Bronco now that they’re like $10k more for the same build as 2021…higher than ADMs from 2021. Now, instead of dealers getting the ADM, Ford is in their jacked up MSRP.
  11. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    yeah this shocked me when I first heard prices went up that much. My 2021 2DR Badlands 7MT is like $8k more now same spec. With interest rates still high, poor gas mileage, the novelty and excitement of a new model worn off, etc. no wonder Ford has to offer incentives to move them.
  12. Differences Between Wildtrak and Badlands

    Even worse is if you rip yourself off like I did by adding SAS shocks to a Non- SAS Badlands, along with 35s:)
  13. Used Value Dropping Fast

    Current MSRP on my 2 door Badlands 7MT is like $8k more than it was in 2021 for same specs so dealers discounting off MSRP for new shouldn’t make anyone feel better. I would sell private party if I were looking to sell
  14. Post your 2.3L Bronco Ford Performance Calibration Tune review

    Over 20k miles and this tune still rips On my 7MT. Couldn’t imagine driving it without. Amazing low end torque improvement and Very noticeable improvement on the highway as well when passing. You can do it in 6th gear! Once I added pedal commander, brought it to a new level of responsiveness...
  15. Finance question -- what length of loans are you getting through dealership?

    Just do the math. When APRs were 0-2%, take the longest loan possible with the least money down and put your cash somewhere returning 5-10%. With interest rates higher now, might be smart to take a shorter loan with more $ down. I always take 72 month loans with a small amount down and then pay...
  16. Don’t make my order mistakes

    Wow I had no idea that MSRP increased that much. Just did the same build as my 21 Badlands and it’s like $7k more! How do they justify that?
  17. Don’t make my order mistakes

    I don’t get it. Has MSRP increased that much or are they marking it up? No way I would pay any markup on a Bronco now. They’ve been out like 3 years.
  18. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    I drive slow in the Bronco because it’s a relaxing, fun , comfy daily driver. My other cars are fast. Seriously though, the 7Mt with FP tune and a pedal commander is quite peppy and no problem 85+ on the highway
  19. Sand wheeling advice

    Most importantly air down to 18 psi, possibly a bit lower, 4L, steady on gas, stay in others tracks. Lockers if you get stuck.