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  1. Non sas 2.7L badlands w 285 75 17

    Would appreciate yours (and everyones) opinion: what do you think would be the max diameter without removing the crash bars? 34 or 35?
  2. New! 5" Lift kit from Fabtech Motorsports for your Bronco

    I see how they did it. They re-position the front diff! I posted prior to checking, because in the past I've haven't seen a lift kit like this one. In the Subie space, a few people will install subframe spacers, but I don't see many people in the wild actually installing those.
  3. New! 5" Lift kit from Fabtech Motorsports for your Bronco

    Would you be willing to share where the other 4" come from? 8" increase in tire diameter? I see the logic in a 2.5" suspension lift. I guess the front driveline only allows about an extra inch of downtravel? If my assumption is correct, then a 2.5" suspension lift means that resulting...
  4. Drunk Sensor ?

    I'm not trying to convince anyone. It sounds like you're going to the extreme of ignoring MLRey's points. You're implying that this is a lesson we have to learn the hard way. I don't doubt your belief that this is an unfortunate lesson that some can only learn the hard way. However, your...
  5. Drunk Sensor ?

    Uh oh, that's what I was afraid of. It sounds like Ford has already deployed this. Great points, though, thanks !
  6. Drunk Sensor ?

    We're certainly impressed by your confidence - such that you don't want anyone to say anything positive
  7. Drunk Sensor ?

    It never ceases to amaze me how effective that tinfoil picture tactic is. Let's think about this. People literally have no greater fear than being considered uncool. So the only thing they have to do to suppress discussion is to show a picture of tinfoil.
  8. Drunk Sensor ?

    Thanks for the encouragement. I wish I could be as optimistic as you are about Ford not deploying this before it's required.
  9. Drunk Sensor ?

    Basically they're saying they can't tolerate differing views
  10. Drunk Sensor ?

    Thanks for the article, that's a good one. My fear is that Ford's CEO may follow through with his suggestion of deploying this before it's required.
  11. Drunk Sensor ?

    More gaslighting - we don't care what you believe
  12. Drunk Sensor ?

    Thanks for letting me know about the 2024 models ! Unfortunately, my question is a complicated one. I'm trying to delay my purchase for as long as possible, because I have some old trucks that will be good for at least a couple more years.
  13. Drunk Sensor ?

    They began the gaslighting by saying that they don't respond to "haters." Because anyone who disagrees is a "hater." Basically they're saying they can't tolerate differing views.
  14. Drunk Sensor ?

    I love some of the replies in here. Like 2 said that drunk drivers think the drunk sensor is defective. Or that we have to deploy the drunk sensor before we're allowed to say that it's defective. Actually, smart people don't have to learn everything the hard way.
  15. Drunk Sensor ?

    We already got that you want to make new cars suck for 10 years. But we need to know which 10 years those are going to be, so we can make our purchases before the 10-year window of defective vehicles.
  16. Drunk Sensor ?

    No hate in this thread - I'm just looking for information It will be great to end drunk driving - but the defects in the drunk sensor mean that new cars are going to suck for the first 10 years of deploying this
  17. Drunk Sensor ?

    "He" is observing that Ford's CEO has incredibly bad judgment, so he's likely to follow through with his idiotic suggestion that Ford should deploy this before it's required.
  18. Drunk Sensor ?

    It will be a legal requirement soon, and it's already been enacted. There will be a series of regulatory evaluations before this legislated authority becomes a formal requirement. The last article I saw says that Ford wants to get ahead of the curve and deploy the drunk sensor before it's...
  19. Drunk Sensor ?

    I've seen some speculate that Ford may begin installing drunk sensors in 2024 models ? Anyone know if the 2024 Broncos are getting the drunk sensor before it's required ? My theory is it will take them 10 years to work the bugs out of the drunk sensor. So I'm not going to buy a new vehicle...
  20. The Definitive Guide to 2021+ Bronco Ride & Lift Heights with Wheel & Tire Sizes

    That would be good enough for me. I hope I don't have to download them from Amazon.