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  1. Always Made in the USA! 🇺🇸

    It’s not impossible or even close to that. It’s a bit difficult sometimes but it just takes a little bit of extra research or looking around. Personally I’ve been buying only made in USA for the past couple years and haven’t found it to be that difficult. Of course I do have to bend the rules...
  2. Always Made in the USA! 🇺🇸

    I can very easily blame them and I do. The outsourcing of manufacturing has been one of the most detrimental forces in this country for the past century. If it's not made in the USA, I don't buy it.
  3. 2025 Bronco Refresh design??

    Well, we have a digital gauge cluster... it's just trash :)
  4. 7MT - Selecting Reverse

    I also have this problem.
  5. Viewing Ford Performance datalog?

    Does anyone know how to view the datalogs captured by the Ford Performance 2.3l tune?
  6. 2.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine

    My point is that it's a brand new engine - your "mildly built" K20 might make slightly more power, maybe even miraculously for the same price, but it's still a 20 year old beat up Honda engine with who knows how many thousands of miles on it and previous owners.
  7. 2.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine

    I'd love to see a K20 that can be built to 400hp for less than the price of the 2.3 Ecoboost. And even then you have an engine that has probably close to 100K miles on it already. Or you can get one that makes almost that much hp with zero miles and a full warranty from Ford.
  8. 2.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine

    Yeah - and make half the horsepower...
  9. 2.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine

    For that price you get a pretty bare engine though, whereas the 2.3 comes fully dressed. Also, the main difference here is that that LS3 weighs several hundred pounds more.
  10. 2.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine

    Just found out Ford offers our 2.3L as a crate engine package - https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku-ymm/2022-ford-mustang/m-6007-23ta.html Can't wait to see what kind of swaps are built with this. FD driver Chelsea Denofa has already put one in a Foxbody, and folks are starting to put these...
  11. 2,500 mile road trip with 2-Door Bronco experience: cargo space, fuel economy, issues

    I think the storage aspect is quite subjective. I recently did a 1000 mile road trip in my 2 door, fully loaded with 4 people with enough luggage for several days plus the time on the road, plus a few rifles. We fit everything without any issue.
  12. No-lift shift/Anti-lag for 2.3 & 7MT

    Yeah I am planning to get this at some point: https://broncbustertx.com/products/stage-iii-southbend-clutch And I'm aware that they probably aren't "meant" to be driven like that, neither are most vehicles. You typically have to build them to be able to drive them like that. Which is exactly...
  13. No-lift shift/Anti-lag for 2.3 & 7MT

    I have the Ford Performance tune and I'm wondering if there's a way to be able to maintain boost when shifting gears. Even though I can shift very quickly, it's still enough time to go from 20 pounds of boost to zero and then I have to wait to build boost again each gear. Any ideas?
  14. Normal knock sensor amount?

    I always run high octane. Have to with the Ford Performance tune.
  15. Normal knock sensor amount?

    the engine wasn’t cold, so this info is useless.
  16. Normal knock sensor amount?

    What are the normal values for Knk_Sen1_Cnts and Knk_Sen2_Cnts? What are the values that would indicate a problem? Also, what do the values indicate exactly?
  17. Rust on axels and drive shaft on brand new bronco

    I also have this. Seems odd to me that they wouldn’t powder coat or paint it or something.
  18. Grille Shutter Delete? Want to maximize cooling

    Looks hefty. Wonder how much weight is saved by deleting it?
  19. Shit alternator company

    Bronco has been pretty reliable at 2k miles now, but I've still had to have the electronic parking brake replaced, looks like I have the front driveshaft issue, and of course the typical 7MT grinding sounds. At least it's better than my BMW that I've owned for 186 days and it's been in the shop...
  20. Anderson Composite Halo Doors available @ Beefcake Racing!!!

    Dumb question but what is the point of these? Is it just for looks?