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  1. Raptor-style running boards by Mabett

    How do you like those now that you have had them for a while? I like the idea of having running boards that fit with the rock rails on.
  2. Running boards recommendations?

    those look pretty good. So you can keep the rock rails on and these as well?
  3. I have a 2023 2.3L 10 speed transmission and get 17.3 MPG?

    My 2023 2.3 manual gets between 17-18, regardless of city or highway. That is based on the actual gas refill volume against actual miles. It's almost impossible to get mileage that bad in an engine that size with today's technology, but Ford managed to make it happen.
  4. What's on your Bronco Christmas Wish List?

    Did you find some good trails for your Bronco around Boise? I live in the area and just picked mine up last Friday.
  5. 2023 Broncos with power seats

    Just picked up my 2023 Black Diamond on Friday, and was shocked when I went to adjust the seat and found that familiar handle in the front. For a split second I was thinking was sitting in an Avis rental car. Disappointed to say the least as I had no idea seats weren't powered in such a modern...
  6. Extended warranties: Best source Official Ford or third party ?

    It's true that you have to be a Geico insurance customer, which I already am. I don't remember them saying you are locked in for X years, but the MBI warranty is just added to be part of the premium payment, and it's for a max of 7 years, so maybe that is what they meant. I insurance shopped...
  7. Extended warranties: Best source Official Ford or third party ?

    I'm picking up my Bronco at Granger this Friday, so am looking at extended warranties. Their site has 10 years/100k miles for just over $2k. I saw a suggestion on another post for Geico's MBI...mechanical breakdown insurance, but it covers electronics and everything else. I have Geico so called...
  8. Long Island Broncos

    I also need to get running boards for my Black Diamond. Mind sharing where you got yours?
  9. Guaranteed Price Protection is a Farce at Mac Haik

    I got a call last week that my Bronco was in, but I needed to pay by the 14th to avoid the mid year 2023 price increase. Even though I was told when I paid my deposit 6 months ago that the price was protected. Is anyone seeing mid-year price increases that are not protected by previous...
  10. Bronco 6G Aftermarket Parts Poll!!!

    appreciate the tip, but wow....almost $500 for a pair!! Even with a $100 discount, that's $800 for all 4. I will wait a while for more competitors to enter the market.
  11. Bronco 6G Aftermarket Parts Poll!!!

    Since the Black Diamond trim has rock blockers so I can't put on a running boards, would like either running boards that can be installed with the blockers, or at least steps that can be installed with them. Not steps that hang closer to the ground, but at the same level.
  12. Delivered 2.3L Manual Bronco Black Diamond owner's review: the Good and the Bad

    Thanks...that sucks about your engine though....was it a 2.3? I see your point on the rock rails. Apparently there are not any companies making after market steps to put on the rails, but with all the running boards available, there will probably be some by the time I get delivery. I considered...
  13. Delivered 2.3L Manual Bronco Black Diamond owner's review: the Good and the Bad

    Mostly pavement, but live in Idaho so would definitely use it for some exploring off road. Not sure on the accessories like lights, so would have to think about it. How is the MGV quality? I was thinking of replacing cloth with some of the other aftermarket options mentioned in forums, like...
  14. Delivered 2.3L Manual Bronco Black Diamond owner's review: the Good and the Bad

    I'm struggling with going with the 4-door BB with hardtop and 2.3M or the BD with the same setup. The price premium for the BD vs. BB is $2700. So the comment here about the BD being the best MT deal got me wondering if it is worth the extra. The BD cost would also include the MGV seats...
  15. The insanity of the manual trans Sasquatch pricing

    Same when you add the Mid to the 2022 Big Bend pricing. I can't find anything that shows they the cost increase is more than double what the Mid cost is.
  16. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    I called Ford today to switch my reservation to Granger after reading the dozens of posts here. So while I wait for the 48-hour approval decision, I thought I would call my local dealer where my reservation is under. I said I made a reservation a while ago and wanted to convert it to an order...
  17. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    I'm not even sold that Ford values big dealers all that much for Broncos either. I was going to change my reservation from a local dealer to Granger, and first called Galpin Ford, a large volume dealer in CA. The salesman I have worked with before called me right back. I asked if they were...
  18. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    I didn't see that the BB went down in cost. I saw that the base price for the 4 door went up $250.
  19. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Finally found the way to get to the 2022 build page. Will choose the BB 4 Door...saw that base increased $250.