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  1. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    Personally I think AMB is an amazing color. The way it changes depending on the light is one of my favorite parts of it. It can go from a super dark almost matte looking blue to a dark sparkling metallic blue. But I have always preferred dark blues to bright blues. AMB, Vista Blue, Sonic Blue...
  2. What do you pay for insurance ?

    For the bronco and the wifes Explorer $141 per month.
  3. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    I mean I deal with some suppliers that get stuff from over seas. You usually are looking at a about a 16 week lead time. Of you get it in and it's crap, 16 weeks again
  4. Best Option for Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    Bumping this old thread. So checked my ford pass points today after an oil change. I can get the factory skid set for like 300 and change delivered from ford accessories. I know the bash plate would need some modifications to fit mine, but seems like alot of people give the factory gas tank...
  5. Would you Revert to Old Times?

    I'll keep the tech.
  6. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    I've had mustangs in the past. They were definitely fun. I have driven corvettes, chargers, camaros, GT500, various other muscle cars. Bronco is definitely in the team photo of must fun car. It's a different type of fun. Doors off roof off is absolutely incredible.
  7. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    That would be my primary concern if I had on of these on order. I mean, there is just so many troubling things with this top that if I had one on order I would be getting my money back ASAP. 2 other companies beat them to market. Ford is now selling MIC tops, they haven't given an update in...
  8. 2.3L swap to a 2.7L EB TT

    Takes to much time and money and still no one has really cracked the electronic side. And probably not enough interest in a swap like this for anyone to really tackle it. There was a shop working on a 5.0 swap. They were working on it for like a year and half two years then just went dark...
  9. Soft top care

    What @OregonMike said. I can't remember if I have chemical guys or 303 but I got rag top cleaner and soft brush. Works great.
  10. Coming Soon - IAG Tailgate Air Compressor Kit

    Precisely how I feel every time cool shit is announced lol.
  11. Missing Accessories / Parts in Bronco Aftermarket?

    I want @Bestop_Team to make a top similar to the Supertop Ultra they have or the wrangler. The trek top looks great, but not folding all the way down is a deal breaker
  12. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison Look and Technical Analysis

    That's the biggest knock I see on them as well and has me hesitant to get a set of Nittos. However, when I had my Mustang people also always said never ever get caught in the rain with Nitto 555R drag radials on the car. I did it plenty of times, the were fine, never an issue. Mickey Thompson...
  13. Keyless Entry (by touching door handle) just stopped working on tailgate

    Granted this is an old thread but definitely useful. My previous fords all showed little electric gremlins before the battery's died out. Focus the power windows started acting goofy, Explorer the powerlift gate would get a mind of it's own when the button was pushed and everytime it was just...
  14. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison Look and Technical Analysis

    As someone new to this type of tires I find this interesting. Almost ever review of Nittos I see they are horrible in the rain/snow and nothing like a BFG. Makes the decision so much harder seeing al these differing opinions!
  15. Oil Change Experience

    This ^ I noticed it after my last two oil changes. Got worried at first, got underneath it and saw it was coming from the drain channel. Got it cleaned up and no more spots.
  16. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Yeah the whole saga is pretty confusing. My fear would be they got them in and something is totally FUBAR. Turn beat them to market, Anderson seems to be ramping up production, Ford is now even offering MIC tops all before ADV shipped 1 top. Something is clearly wrong IMO.
  17. The Most Common Bronco Colors You See? 🎨

    Eruption Green, Cyber Orange, A51, cactus grey are the most common I see. Then probably Carbonized Grey, Race Red, Velocity Blue See it sometimes but not often, Black, White Hot Pepper red Rarest - AMB and rapid Red
  18. Raptor R 5.2 V8 engine swap

    No one has done it successfully yet. As others mentioned, the issue is getting all the electronics to play nice and that is where the issue is. There was a shop working on a coyote swap. They were working on it for almost a year before everything on their channels went radio silent, and now...
  19. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    So no update today then? Even though I don't have a dog in the race, this is past borderline insanity now.
  20. Gas Mileage Boost

    Haha yeah I used to always run BP in my mustang when I had it, then did the same with the Bronco because the BP station was more convenient. Few times I had to fill up elsewhere(Shell/Mobil) I noticed improved MPG so last year I did a test. Did 2 fill ups at BP, then 2 fill ups at shell and...