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  1. Viewing Ford Performance datalog?

    Does anyone know how to view the datalogs captured by the Ford Performance 2.3l tune?
  2. 2.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine

    Just found out Ford offers our 2.3L as a crate engine package - https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku-ymm/2022-ford-mustang/m-6007-23ta.html Can't wait to see what kind of swaps are built with this. FD driver Chelsea Denofa has already put one in a Foxbody, and folks are starting to put these...
  3. No-lift shift/Anti-lag for 2.3 & 7MT

    I have the Ford Performance tune and I'm wondering if there's a way to be able to maintain boost when shifting gears. Even though I can shift very quickly, it's still enough time to go from 20 pounds of boost to zero and then I have to wait to build boost again each gear. Any ideas?
  4. Normal knock sensor amount?

    What are the normal values for Knk_Sen1_Cnts and Knk_Sen2_Cnts? What are the values that would indicate a problem? Also, what do the values indicate exactly?
  5. Anyone wrapped/painted their Bronco this green color?

    I think it would look pretty great especially with the Black Diamond steelies. Thoughts?
  6. The Electronic Parking Brake is the Greatest Failure of the Ford Bronco

    My Bronco in particular has already had a total failure of the electronic parking brake in it's first 200 miles. I have been told by the dealership that this is rare, but they have seen other Bronco's experience this as well. I've been told it's is an electric/wiring issue and apparently the fix...
  7. Colorado Velocity Blue 4dr 7MT soft top $54k

  8. Can we bully Ford into improving gauge cluster?

    Or at least allow us to change/customize it. Firstly, the tachometer being a vertical bar is really annoying for those of us that drive manual. Every race/sports car has it as a horizontal bar or some type of horizontal gauge going from left to right as RPM's increase. Every typical stick...
  9. Parking with parking brake, in gear, or both?

    For those who have the manual transmission, how do you park the car? When I first got it, I would just set the parking brake, but due to the placement of it, that got annoying quickly. So now I just leave it in first gear unless I'm parking on a steep surface. Is one better than the other...
  10. Running wires through Active Grille Shutters?

    I have lights mounted on a bull bar, for which the wiring runs through the front grille, through the active grille shutters and into the back of the engine bay so that I can turn them off and on using the Auxiliary switches. Could this cause the active grille shutters to not function properly?
  11. Colorado 2021 Big Bend

  12. What to do with my 2021 Big Bend 4dr soft top 2.3 Manual (poll)

    Velocity blue, 3k miles on it. I may be moving to a downtown area and will have to drive even less. I WFH already and have another car so I'm debating how fiscally responsible it is for me to spend this much on something that will barely ever get driven, much as I do love to. (and I'd have to...
  13. Aftermarket Shift boot?

    How is there still no aftermarket (or OEM) options for different shift boots for manual transmission Broncos? I don't know about in the off-road world, but as far as street cars go, that's one of the most popular ways to customize one's vehicle. For 99% of cars, there's generally tens if not...
  14. 7MT Extreme Rev Hang

    My 2.3L with the manual seems to have a lot of rev hang. Let's say I'm in 2nd gear at 3k RPM and I want to shift up to 3rd. If I shift to 3rd quickly it will jolt and jump the revs down to about 2k. So ideally I'd want to wait and let the revs drop before clutching out. Problem is it legit takes...