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  1. Show me your 20's

    Looks fantastic!
  2. 2024 Bronco Scheduling This Week (2/1/24) for Production Weeks 3/4 - 3/25

    Hi, I don't believe the change will change your place in line. Keep in mind that your place in line is related to your order sequence at your dealer in relation to their allocations. Not the national order number or date you ordered line.
  3. 2024 Bronco Orders

    I don't think they have built or scheduled any 2024 OBX's yet. Seems they are building the other models first this year. My order number is in the first 100 placed in August (OBX, SAS, Hardtop) and remains in processing as well. I could be wrong I just have not seen a single OBX owner say they...
  4. Order Timeline and Tips – 4-Door Outer Banks

    I am pretty sure they have not scheduled or built any OBX's for 2024. It appears they are building all of the other models first. I could be wrong but at least 10+ posters ordered OBX's in August and none have been scheduled. When you ordered does not appear to impact production dates hence...