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  1. SilverBack Bronco Build

    I am not typically a silver/grey/white vehicle person. I will say, that thing looks FANTASTIC!!! That blue really makes it look so good. Nice job on all your stuff.
  2. Jacking Off Road - Best Practices

    All good ideas here. I was gonna suggest a bottle jack and then get a small piece of thick plywood 12x12 (or a couple sizes) to use under any jack. You know it is inevitable that the repair will have to happen in a spot that the jack is gonna sink in and not be able to lift the truck. You need...
  3. Anti-theft device (StarterStopper) install in Bronco Badlands

    uuuhhhhhh. I will not say... You and I are on the same page on that I am sure.
  4. Anti-theft device (StarterStopper) install in Bronco Badlands

    I think that auto theft is a completely legit worry for those living in Ca, NY, and especially NJ. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  5. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    I did 15 hours straight in a Lincoln (hearse). Most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. My Eagle Talon was the next best. It was like someone measured me and designed both of those vehicle seats based on that.
  6. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    Not yet. I always forget to fix it while I am at the shop doing routine stuff. I always remember when my back starts to hurt... gotta get it done at home one evening. I just googled seat jackers. Never knew they existed. THANKS!!!!!
  7. First Ever Bronco Skillz Day by Metalcloak @ Prairie City SVRA on May 4

    This is GREAT!!! I can't believe it is only $25. You guys are awesome. I wish I lived close.
  8. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    This is my biggest complaint. Anything over 75 or 80 miles and it starts to get uncomfortable. I need to tilt the seat back a little to get more support under my knees. This is where a six way seat is so much better for me. I hate to put a cushion in my seat, so I will see if I can raise the...
  9. Built Ford Bronco Raptor Tough

    Sting like a BEEronco... I have watched crash tests at IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and it is amazing. Pieces and parts go EVERYWHERE. Some people think that is bad, but that is energy being dispersed through those parts instead of onto the occupants. They crashed an EV into a...
  10. Anyone tried the look of ~2020 Ranger Lariat Wheels?

    I was not a fan of the steelies in all the pictures. My BD came in and I really liked them. I had already gotten my KMCs before my Bronco arrived so I went with those. Bronze wheels on Rapid Red is unbeatable. PM me your address. I will get a quote for my steelies if you are interested. I will...
  11. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    shouldn't it be misinterpretation? OR Mrs interpretation? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  12. My experience using a tire groover on 37" MAXXIS Trepadors

    Looks great! Are they a little bit quieter?
  13. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Same here!
  14. Just my little Raptor build.... $50k-ish

    BEAUTIFUL!! That is what cyber orange should have been.
  15. Now Available: Panda Motorworks 2021 + Ford Bronco Plug ’n Play Full Digital Dash Conversion Kit

    I love this!!! It is out of my price range at the moment. It will not always be that way. Thanks for doing this. I love that you own your limitations! So many companies out there sell stuff and do not care whether it works or not. I have a BD and would love to open ALL the GOAT modes. Would...
  16. Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT system 20% off Black Friday Week Sale!

    I love mine!!! I went with the max lift. Still easy to reach and I am 5'7". Best accessory that I have bought so far!
  17. Boomba Racing Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Spacer Combo With Dyno Results!

    Glad to help. It was on the website description too, that is why I said something. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the 2.7. Don't want some jerk hollering that you did not give them the gains that were "advertised".
  18. Boomba Racing Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Spacer Combo With Dyno Results!

    Is this a typo? Looks like the gain is 10 for each on the graph. Don't get me wrong, $300 for 10hp and 10lb-ft is a good deal. People pay a crap ton of money for less. Any options for 2.7 in the future? Is something like this even possible on it? Thanks!