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  1. The "Baus" Bronc

    Oh that front diff took a poop on me! We are doing well tho. Adding those miles up!
  2. Review: Tozalazz Off-Road Air Compressor

    Hey y’all. Long time for a post from me!! 🤓 Not often get to do cool reviews of things. Not to long ago I was shopping around and deciding what I wanted to do with air for my tires. I was starting to do more and more trail runs. I’ve got few small air compressors that I used but they plugged...
  3. The "Baus" Bronc

    About DANG Tiiiiime!!! Congratulations!!!!
  4. Patches

  5. Broadicustomworks (and B6G friends) venture to Moab

    I seriously had so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again with y’all! Best group ever! Mooos who weren’t moving! We def got rock hard! 🤗🫣☺ Got hooked up with this new air compressor from @Gridtoc2789 thing was a beast! I lucked out since I was in the market! Airing down and up is so much...
  6. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    Absolutely love it. As for the Stig..he is no longer a Ford man…their loss tho. He was a hell of a mechanic, but another great manufacturer grabbed up his skills and put him to work. Doing what he loves! Long love the Sttttiiigggg!! 🙌🏻🤘🏻
  7. SRQ Fabrication - review / feedback?

    I did. Only took 8 days.
  8. SRQ Fabrication - review / feedback?

    That is my red bronco in the pics you posted. I’ve had mine since summer. I absolutely love it. It’s solid as can be. Also so many compliments. It’s worth the lead times too! Also they recently got another one finished in FL. Tim also runs a 37.
  9. Tire bulge on tire side wall.

    What is an impact break / bulge / sidewall bubble? Published 09/09/2016 03:02 PM | Updated 04/13/2021 04:21 PM An impact break involves damage to the carcass (the casing of the tire) inflicted when the tire is in contact with certain obstacles. Usually an externally visible bulge on the...
  10. Waited 654 days to get her...only to have her taken away by someone else's inability to drive 3 weeks later

    So sorry to hear this. Here’s a plan B tho if it’s totaled.
  11. Rear Bumper with Bumper Mounted Spare

    I love my SRQ Dual Mod Bumper. I also added another FL friends. He had his done a few weeks ago.
  12. TITAN Trail Trekker II - Aux Fuel Tank

    I also have the rear shock skids. They are amazing. Was great having them in CO and KY.
  13. Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway

    Not sure. I don’t think so since I was just there this past Saturday. I know they do a spring and fall event. Was a blast though. Great area.
  14. SRQ Fabrications Modular Dual Swingout Rear Bumper

    She’s got that new Booty! 🤭🤠💃🏼🍑🍑
  15. A Bronco “shaket” for the woman in your life…

    Hi! 🫶🏻 I plan on catching up tomorrow. Post Mae’s new Booty! 🍑🍑
  16. Heritage Bronco (in Yellowstone Metallic) at Woodward Dream Cruise

    Speaking of coolers maybe y’all at @Canyon Coolers can help me out. I’m getting ready to get a new rear bumper next week. Pays tribute to some Gen1s. Here’s my issue my 22 hair to wide for my area I need a cooler to fit. Think y’all be putting out something a little smaller. Maybe a buddy...
  17. Heritage Bronco (in Yellowstone Metallic) at Woodward Dream Cruise

    I sure do!! Pairs well with a Busch NA and WY trails. Been rocking my Canyon 22 since I bought it last year in CO at Bronco Super Celebration West! Also fits nice it the Curt Cargo Basket.
  18. Took my Wildtrak to SWING ARM CITY Utah

    Very rad Chase! Crazy I think I just missed you out west! Also gotta get on the chuckwagon. You need to get into marketing for Ford. Make a sweet commercial! #RaceRedTurnsHeads! 👊🏻🤙🏻👊🏻
  19. 22k Miles, 9 Months, 6 Out West Trips, One Flat, & Miles of Memories

    I wish I was going to KOH, but I decide to hold out for SEMA and desert exploration that time of year. I’m not sure the next year I’ll go to KOH. Probably 2025 too.