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  1. Where to buy Wildtrak Vinyl Graphic For Doors?

    Anyone know where I can buy the Wildtrak vinyl that goes on the bottom of the doors? The one of the mountain silhouette? I cheaped out when I bought my bronco and didn’t want to pay $500 for the vinyl. I’d like to find a Ford one and not an aftermarket one. Thanks.
  2. Audio Solution UNDER $1K????

    Picked up my Wildtrak with high package last week and thoroughly impressed with the vehicle. However, the audio system is the absolute worst I’ve ever had in any vehicle. There is Zero bass and sounds tinny. Mine does NOT have the B&O and Ford deleted the Sub. Is there a solution for under...
  3. Activate vehicle before built?

    What happens if I activate my Bronco in the ford pass app before I receive it? Mine is “in production”, tear tags done and modules populated. In production 5/15. Anyone have any idea?
  4. Check your order.....

    Just checked mine and it got moved up a week! Moved from May 15 to May 9! Anyone else get moved?
  5. My Wildtrak order. WTH am I getting?

    So I finally got a build date for mid May. I ordered high package with cloth seats due to Texas heat. Apparently now Ford isn’t doing cloth with WT anymore. I was hoping mine will still come with cloth. I checked my Ford account and my build is showing cloth AND leather! Which one will I...
  6. When will 2023 scheduling start again?

    Anyone know when they will start scheduling ‘23’s?
  7. Halting Production Again? Meh

  8. Show off your Wildtrak!

    Looked but didn't see a topic for this yet. It sucks digging through different posts to see how everyone has their Wildtrak setup and it would be nice to have them in one place. So post em up! Mine is on order or else I'd start it off. :confused:
  9. Poll: Which color would you NOT get?

    Seeing some color threads popping up and it got me thinking....What is the ONE color that you would refuse to get?
  10. Running boards that block spray and rocks?

    Anyone have or know of any running boards or steps that block rocks or help with road spray onto the doors? Optimally they would also help prevent door dings. Thanks. Also hoping to cover up the pinch welds underneath the doors.