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  1. Can a Ford Protect Extended Warranty Help You Beat Inflation?

    Im sorry but tying those numbers solely to inflation is disingenuous - at best. My anecdotal evidence regarding cost to repair/maintain is that prices are up a little over the past few years, but not a ton. There are many decent reasons to get extended warranties (I get them on most of my ICE...
  2. Bronco EV Conversion

    Totally get it. I drive both EVs and ICEs. Each have their benefits. But to compare 15 year old EV tech and infrastructure to 100+ year old ICE tech and infrastructure isn’t really fair. iCE has had a century to develop tech and infrastructure. You would have to compare a 1935 ICE to a 2024 EV...
  3. Bronco EV Conversion

    You can get an EV that goes 260 miles on a charge for $23k. How cheap do you want it?
  4. MPG! Not complaining.

    Did you drive downhill? 😂
  5. Bronco EV Conversion

    If all the cars were EVs, they would be at scale and cheap. And you would have a charging infrastructure so you can charge in 5 minutes. For this argument to hold, you would have to compare EVs with 100 years of development to brand new ICE cars. Which means there would barely be any gas...
  6. Bronco EV Conversion

    I drive all sorts of cars. And I have to say that generative breaking is my favorite feature. One peddle driving is really cool. Took a little to get used to it, but it’s a nice way to drive.
  7. Anything scarier than running out of warranty... which extended warranty to get (if any)?

    I got an extended warranty on a couple other cars. In both cases, I got about 70-80% of the premium back for repairs. So, it was essentially a few hundred bucks for peace of mind. But financially, I would have been better off without it. Though I don’t really regret it. I did get an extended...
  8. New Driver Alert Warning Rest Suggested - drink coffee icon

    How often would it come up for you? I see that alert maybe once a year? But I guess I don’t drive too much at night. And I drink a crap ton of coffee anyway lol
  9. Auto Start / Stop - how to permanently disable?

    I have ASS enabled on all my gas cars. I think it is fine and most of the complaints do not really resonate with me. But, I will say my one minor gripe is that you do have a delay in getting power to the car. Now, most of the time you are at a light so it's no big deal. Where it's been a...
  10. Auto Start / Stop - how to permanently disable?

    I have had vehicles with ASS for probably 15 years. None of them have had any starter or battery etc issues. Oddly enough, my cars with ASS typically keep their original battery from purchase for about 8-10 years. Never replaced or had an issue with any starter.
  11. Quick question: Ford Service Plan on your Bronco, anyone try to get a refund?

    Yeah, yelling at someone is a deal breaker for me. Sorry you have had to deal with crap service. People don't get it - yes, it's harder to offer good service, but boy do you build you loyalty when you do!
  12. Quick question: Ford Service Plan on your Bronco, anyone try to get a refund?

    Maybe I’m the outlier here, but doesn’t this just seem like you need a new service shop? I haven’t had any issues with mine. Plus, you don’t have to get your service at a dealer to keep the plan in play. If you have it serviced somewhere else and just document it, you are good to go. TLDR -...
  13. Update: 2024MY Job 2 New Content Changes + 2024 Bronco MSRP Pricing Decrease

    Oh wow! Are those typically temporary restrictions?
  14. Update: 2024MY Job 2 New Content Changes + 2024 Bronco MSRP Pricing Decrease

    You can’t get a 2.7L 2024 OBX? Only a 2.3L?
  15. Dash Cam

    Don’t forget, the onboard witness tell the truth no matter who it benefits! Can’t delete the video after an accident…
  16. Ford Performance Tune Dealer Install Issue

    Hmmm -- OK. This would be a little frustrating if Ford sold a ProCal, required dealer or ASE install for warranty, and then required you to pay for uninstalling and reinstalling the tune (again if you technically want to keep the warranty) when there is a software update. Unless this is to be...
  17. Ford Performance Tune Dealer Install Issue

    I’m about to take my truck in for routine service for the first time since I had the tune installed. There are some updates the dealer will need to do such as updating software to have windows roll down upon unlock and/or fixing camera stutter issues. Do software updates in general mess with...
  18. Should I get another Bronco?

    29 days! Sounds like maybe a regret purchase - $$ or they didn't like the truck? If the history report is clean, I can't imagine they returned it that quickly because of issues with the truck itself.
  19. I'm a Ford guy, but...

    Agree 100%. I buy the car I want at the time of purchase. I have no loyalty to a brand. Why is that? Because they have no loyalty to me - I’m just a number.