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  1. Anyone Figure out a Dual Battery set up yet?

    As the title says, has anyone figured out a place where a 2nd battery can be added for a dual battery setup? Is it even possible?
  2. Powering your fridge/freezer?

    I get that there is a 12V plug in the back to power your fancy refrigerator while driving, but what system are you guys using when parked for extended periods of time. And why did you choose the system you chose? I would love to hear. Thanks Rick
  3. Has Anyone successfully installed a hidden winch in a 2.7 Bronco

    As the title states, as anyone done this yet? If so, what had to be done? I took my skid plate off last weekend and it looks like a heat exchanger is exactly where you would want a winch, but I couldn't see anywhere that the exchanger could be relocated. Looking for the modification experts...
  4. Canada - BC Rockrails of 4DR Badlands - $400CDN - SOLD

    Selling my Rockrails off my 4DR Badlands Sasquatch. Only 3 weeks old. Haven't even been offroad yet. $400CDN, plus shipping.
  5. Has anyone ordered the Dash Cam Set-up in Ford Accessories?

    I'm wondering if anyone ordered the dash cam and has it set up in their new Bronco. I would be interested in hearing some reviews/feedback if you have it installed. Thanks in advance
  6. Canadians, Freebies and Ford Pass Points

    For all those Canucks out there, how many Free Ford pass points and other freebies have you received to date. For myself I've received two emails; One offers the complimentary Sound Deadening ($495), plus 110,000 Ford Pass points on delivery. The other gives us $750 off our purchase price...
  7. How many of these tests could the Bronco pass

    The glass doesn’t even break.
  8. Imperial or Metric Bolts

    This may be a stupid question, but do we know if the bolts and other hardware on the Bronco will be in imperial or metric? I'm trying to put a tool bag together, and only want to carry one or the other.
  9. I'm a June Build!! - UPDATE - Received my VIN # today!

    Just got off a call from my dealership. They called me! (First time for everything) They advised me that Ford is telling them that I'm going to be a June build!!! I don't mind telling you that my heart beat went up a couple of beats as I felt the excitement, but then thought of this forum...
  10. Bronco Intervention by SO?

    My GF approached me the other day to inform me that it has been almost a year since I made my reservation. In that year there has not been a day that has gone by where I did not mention something about the Bronco, or show her some pic of a Bronco, or try to get her to watch a video, or...
  11. Are Power Seats an option in Canada?

    Originally the B&P for both the US and Canada did not show any power seats as an option for the Bronco. Then in October Ford put out the video of the interior colours indicating that the Badlands 4 door with the leather option would come with carpet and power seats. Shortly after the US B&P...
  12. Late Availability Accessories. What does it mean when ordering your Bronco?

    I was thinking, if I order my Bronco with late available accessories, like slide out tailgate or drop down tray, or whatever, and these are known late availability items. Does that mean my entire Bronco will be delayed waiting on these accessories? Or will they ship my Bronco and the late...
  13. Would you have rather waited for Bronco to launch?

    With all the uncertainties, late availability, lack of information/demonstrations that came with Ford's Bronco launch, would you have rather Ford waited until they had all the details ironed out? Even if the wait was another year or two, before you even got to see one? Or despite all the...
  14. Canadaians can add Beadlock Capable Wheels without Squatch?!

    I don't know if it's a glitch or not, but on the Ford.ca Build & Price site we can add beadlock capable wheels for $700 without having to add the Sasquatch package. Is this right?
  15. Call Out To Canadians on Pricing - Anyone getting offered below Invoice or even Guaranteed MSRP?

    Now that Ford has eliminated the X-Plan, I was wondering if any of my fellow Canadians have since spoken with their local dealers to see what deals, if any, they will offer? Any Granger/Stephens deals offered in the Great White North? Any dealers guaranteeing MSRP with no ADM? Any mass buys...
  16. For those of you with a classic Bronco

    A question for those of you who already own an early Bronco and are going to purchase a new Bronco; How are you going to decide which one to drive, top down, on those sunny days? Is it a no brainer? Or will you be torn every time the sun comes out? I for one will be torn.
  17. Air Lockers vs E Lockers

    Just curious, is anyone out there thinking about swapping out the E lockers in the Bronco for Air lockers?