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  1. IAG vs Mabett Interior Lights

    I have the IAG lights. I opted to not install the tap, and only have it wired to an AUX switch. I spent about 5 min working on the tap and decided I didn't want to risk damaging the vehicle harness. It was packed VERY tight in my vehicle, and decided I'd just try it on AUX for a while to see...
  2. Running power and GMRS cable through firewall on Raptor. Anyone done it yet.

    IAG sells some interior lights that require you to pull that upper trim down to install. I’ve done it, it’s really not that bad. You can probably look for that video as well.
  3. A Roof Rack for your Hitch (X-Rack)

    Looks cool. I have a family of 5 and looking for a hitch mounted solution that can accommodate both a cooler and 3-5 bikes. Tired of renting 5 bikes on our beach trips and would like to carry (at least some of) ours with us. Does your system allow this?
  4. Alabama 4dr Factory Rock Rails - Like new condition - $200

    Still interested @jwmoss ?
  5. Ugly MIC transport damage photos

    stole my joke. “Looks like the dealer just waxed it prior to delivery” 🤣
  6. Alabama 4dr Factory Rock Rails - Like new condition - $200

    they are still available. North Alabama.
  7. Help ID'ing a bash plate

    Looks like the stock Raptor bash plate to me.
  8. JcrOffroad Mod bumper winch plate now available!

    Looks like a rebranded Badland. Interested to hear your review once you check it out.
  9. JcrOffroad Mod bumper winch plate now available!

    Those fogs should work fine in the Vanguard. You just need a square bezel instead of a round one, which i think is user replaceable. Frankly that would just be for looks anyway as they would certainly still "fit" in the bumper and the bezel is mostly hidden anyway. I definitely have a small...
  10. JcrOffroad Mod bumper winch plate now available!

    I hear ya. I'll just give you my opinion... Lights should be the most flexible part of your build. There are so many constraints that you need to consider if you want to add a winch and keep all your tech active that you really don't want to add lights constraints to that equation. Buy your...
  11. JcrOffroad Mod bumper winch plate now available!

    I didn't measure it, but from memory I'd say the Vanguard opening is the same or larger than OEM. The difference is that the opening is in a slightly different location, hence the need to move the ACC sensor down about an inch. The bumper comes with a plate to close off that area and still...
  12. JcrOffroad Mod bumper winch plate now available!

    Hey, I don't have the same setup as you, but thought I could provide some perspective. I have a badlands with lux package and recently bought the JCR vanguard bumper so I went through a similar process to you. The one thing that I wanted to note (and you'll see this if you choose to relocate...
  13. Bumpers: Aftermarket Bumper List

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give a bit of a review on the @JcrOffroad Vanguard front bumper. After owning the bronco for a year and surveying what was out there that would support all of the lux package tech, I finally pulled the trigger on the Vanguard. Ordered April 1st, and it showed up 10-11...
  14. Bronco screams forward downshifting from 3rd to 2nd in low range

    I’ve experienced this too. I haven’t made good mental notes on which gear shift it happens on so I haven’t made a post about it, but in general I’ve had “lurches” at low speeds off-roading. badlands/sas/2.7
  15. Another GMRS radio install post? Sure!

    frankly I don’t remember but I don’t think I had to purchase any extrahardware for that part. I’m out of town and can check for you on Friday. You might want to send me a DM to remind me tho
  16. Low power from a dead stop

    Happens to me occasionally too. It’s actually scary when I’m trying to gun it to pull out some times and it just won’t move. There is like a one second delay between gas pedal movement and vehicle movement which seems forever when trying to pull out quickly.
  17. ARCHETYPE RACING | RUTS - Ruggedized Utility Trail Sights

    Can't wait to grab these bad boys... Will some accesories for these be ready at the same time? (specifically the limb risers?:love:)
  18. Out of Upfitter Switches, looking for a clean solution for more switches

    What’s the purpose of using aux switches for a com or compressor? the com unit already has a power switch and you can install it to bring fused power to it from battery, acc switch or full ignition. Seems unnecessary to also put the aux switch in the mix. Same for ARB compressor and dash cam.

    Thanks, sounds like it should be arriving around the same time as my new JCR Bumper. Until then I'll just be drooling over my new LP6's. ;)

    Great pics and data, thanks!