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  1. Wheels originally developed for Rest of World Ranger Raptor

    https://accessories.ford.com/2021-bronco-17-x-8-5-wheel-kit-dyno-gray Curious if anyone seen these on a NA Bronco? Ford Accessories state that they are direct bolt-on. I like the look a lot!
  2. My '23 BL gets an older brother!

    This is a real deal '73 survivor. All original with a Marti report to confirm. Buying at auction is stressful but I feel like a got a decent deal and couldn't be happier!
  3. Multiple Failure Alerts!

    Yesterday I was just out running some errands and 3 miles into my trip my screen alerts me to the following: These all came on within seconds of each other while driving down a dry but cold road in 2WD. After I got to my destination, shut down & then restarted my Bronco, there were no...
  4. Anyone have the DV8 FS-15 Series Rear Bumper?

    Considering this for my '23 BL. It would be great to hear your experience with it. TIA!
  5. Lesson learned from my 1st oil change

    I've been wrenching on my own vehicles forever and I rarely trust others to do the same quality of work I can do myself. So for my 1st oil change @ 4600 mi. I figured I would change the oil/filter myself. I have access to a 2-post lift so no big deal right? The procedure itself is pretty...
  6. Ceramic coating MIC top?

    I have an appointment to have my ‘23 Badlands professionally ceramic coated. I’m wondering if anyone has had their MIC top coated as well? Is it possible and would it be effective? The company doing my truck has never encountered a MIC top. TIA! Chris
  7. KR Off-Road Air Compressor Engine Bay Kit installed

    Just finished the install on my ARB onboard air kit from #4x4TruckLEDs. I'm super happy with product and the install was a breeze. I chose to NOT use an upfitter switch so that I could control the ARB unit from under the hood. It is wired directly to the battery. I ordered the switch mount late...
  8. Relay/fuse needed for upfitter switches?

    I just got a set of Rigid LEDs for my Badlands. I'm comfortable wiring them into the upfitter switches but can't determine if the included relay/fuse on the harness is needed. I'm guessing that they aren't but I'd sure appreciate any information on this.
  9. Default Rear Camera View?

    I’m wondering if there is a way to change the rear view camera to default to “full screen” when shifting to Reverse. I’d rather have to choose the split screen than to have it come on automatically. Appreciate any input. Thanks!
  10. "My complete satisfaction"!

    Just got this last night. My Bronco has been born but is stuck in the delivery room. I'm sooooo grateful that Ford has my "complete satisfaction" in mind. How about they just deliver the damn thing already!
  11. ITS ALIVE!!

    Twenty two months of waiting and I have confirmation of birth. Yea, its been a long wait but I think the wait for delivery will seem even longer. I cannot describe the excitement I feel and this forum has been super helpful with tempering my frustration. I've already ordered parts and hope to...