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  1. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    This is insane there is no solution yet
  2. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Finally got around to getting these mounted. I think they came out great! Added ford script as well different vendor.
  3. Northshore service

    This is helpful thanks so much. I took my edge to Autofair in Haverhill and that went smoothly. May give them a try before venturing out to Lowell.
  4. Northshore service

    Is anyone happy with their service department?
  5. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    Exactly because @Ford is doing nothing about it. I keep getting notices from NHTSA about bronco transmission, steering etc. none effecting my VIN. There are 42 complaints about wiper issue. By far the most of all consumer reports. However, seems quite low to me. Please take the time to...
  6. Who's adding Keyless Keypad Entry and why?

    I’m adding to my fuel door as well. Does anyone know how to program through Forscan? Would rather program myself if possible these units have to be programmed the old method of switching key multiple times does not work.
  7. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    I did this received a case number crickets. Was advised to see a dealer. I want a solution before letting the dealer start taking pieces off my new Bronco. This is getting ridiculous.
  8. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    I have this issue from day one. Took delivery last month drive home in the rain plying with wipers all the way home. I sent info to whoever is monitoring Fords social media account started a case file crickets. I am waiting for more information because I’m not excited about a dealer ripping...
  9. Windshield wipers are driving me crazy!!!

    I have heard nothing back from Ford after filing a case number. I do not want to have the dealer start ripping the Bronco apart when they have not truly identified the solution.
  10. Windshield wipers are driving me crazy!!!

    I agree Rainx is fantastic and I use it on my boat as well. However, this is a brand new Bronco with a safety hazard built into it and it needs to be corrected. I have a case number started with Ford and I will keep you all posted with any progress.
  11. Northshore service

    Danvers and Haverhill are closest to me but willing to go further if better service is available. I have no experience with either Kelly or Danvers Ford
  12. Windshield wipers are driving me crazy!!!

    Did you get yours replaced?
  13. Northshore service

    Looking for a good service center on the Northshore of Boston. The one closets to me is a non starter. Anyone living here care to recommend?
  14. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    I'm experiencing a "not so smart" wiper motor
  15. Windshield wipers are driving me crazy!!!

    Thats what I was afraid of. Not crazy about having things torn apart to get to a wiper motor. Was hoping it was only a software issue.
  16. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

  17. Windshield wipers are driving me crazy!!!

    I made a report here. I hope @Ford Motor Company jumps on this https://www.nhtsa.gov/report-a-safety-problem#index
  18. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    I just picked up my 22 obx which is having the exact same problem. Wipers start to slow down for no reason have to switch from high to low to keep them going ridiculous come on @Ford Motor Company
  19. Chapman Ford of Horsham - Highly Recommend

    Did you receive the price protection money as well? How was your 3% honored was it linked to your original DORA or did they base it on the invoice delivered with your Bronco.
  20. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Curious if a forum member bought this or if it really was available to a forum member maybe @DealerInsider can tell us. If a member bought it let us know. Member or no member purchase, no price protection money kept either because only your DORA has that ability. Duff, It makes no sense to me...