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  1. Help me decide... Eruption Green vs Velocity Blue

    No cooling on the seat I didn’t get the cooling but not really a big need here in Minnesota. The wheels are standard Sasquatch wheels and the trim rings were out for powder coating the day that picture was taken. The color I went with is called wheel titanium for a bit of contrast.
  2. Help me decide... Eruption Green vs Velocity Blue

    You won’t be sorry. We have two Broncos and I love the EG one more. I’d also recommend Katskinz to make it more unique. It’s less expensive than the factory leather and gives you more options.
  3. Best Mode for Highway MPG

    Eco 2 wheel drive or normal mode 2. The Eco mode changes the shift points but on the highway I’m not sure you will see any difference. The aerodynamics and heavy rotating mass of the wheels makes the Bronco one of the worst vehicles of its size for fuel economy. We average 17.5mpg in mixed...
  4. Calling all non-sas OBX - show off your new tires and wheels here!

    Yep, removed all 4 crash bars and have zero rubbing.
  5. Has there been any progress on either Ford selling, or a aftermarket soft top that will fold all the way back?

    The MyTop power folding soft top is sold out, of course. Maybe in another year or two, Ford and the aftermarket can meet the demand. https://mytop.us/products/mytop-convertible-bronco-top
  6. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    A bought a drone recently and have a new perspective for Eruption Green.
  7. I drove 3 miles without my keys

    I have a different risk tolerance than a lot of people but I also now live in very low crime neighborhoods. Very different from when I was young and poor or from our 20 years living in “good” neighborhoods in Northern California. We had 3 smash ‘n grabs on vehicles parked in some of the most...
  8. Ford will stick with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its vehicles, says Jim Farley

    I stream music from my iPhone to my car whether it’s Pandora, Apple Music, or another app. I also use Waze and sometimes Apple Maps. I don’t really miss CarPlay when driving my Tesla but their app works seamlessly with my iPhone for music and calls. The Tesla mapping is awesome especially with...
  9. Waiting for a Bronco is like...

    Love it! Attitude is everything!
  10. Speaker & Navigation Removal

    I did get it with LUX and nav delete. I’m not even sure if it has HD Radio as I stream everything or use Sirius.
  11. 399 miles on “new” outer banks

    Above 50 miles is atypical. I’d take it with 399 miles, but I’d need a discount of something like $1,000. Both of my Broncos had 400 miles on them the first 10 days but I’d be annoyed to pick it up “new” with that many miles.
  12. Does anyone know how to make the doors quieter when shutting them? (Rumor is '23 models fixed this issue)

    I have a '22 and a '23 and they both sound the same - tinny and chintzy. My comparison vehicles are an '18 Range Rover and a Tesla Model S so the Bronco doors will always sound crappy and nosisy just like the interior noise levels while driving. :) In spite of it, I love my Bronco.
  13. MIC Hardtop Worth $6k?

    Since nothing aftermarket is available for less than $6k, I'd say that's about fair market value. $3k seems way too cheap.
  14. What's your MPG?

    It’s important to remember that the Bronco indicated mpg on the dash is not always accurate. I have two Broncos, one with 19,000 miles on it and both of them consistently read about 0.8-1.0 mpg better on the trip computer than the real, calculated mpg when I fill up and do the simple math. I...
  15. Stuck in production

    My blend date was 11/22, chip hold, shipped from MAP 1/10, arrived at the dealer 2/2. It’s fairly common to take more than 60 days to take delivery.
  16. Boring paint options?

    Americans love their white, black, and greyscale cars/trucks which make up almost 80% of the vehicles on the road. I love my Eruption Green.
  17. Mabett 6.5" Rear Speaker Pods Available Now!

    I ordered the IAG ones yesterday.
  18. Build & Price - Constrained Option Prices UP

    I just checked the pricing on my OBX that I took delivery on 2/2/23 and the Lux package is up $800 to $3,945 and the HD Modular is up another $150 to $975. I had price protection but if i ordered one now the price would be $7,040 more and sales tax would make it $7,500 more.
  19. Post your Bronco's garage mates!

    Ready for a late afternoon run. The 165 hp on 485 lb. Sleds gives me my speed fix for the weekend.
  20. Blizzard wheeling in North Dakota

    The aliens occupy the dock inverted 180º in the summer, lol.