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  1. Mud Flaps installed

    They look like they belong perfectly on a Bronco with little street tires and granny running boards.
  2. 4.5 Gallon Water Tank Review (Hitch/Roof Rack Mounted)

    Mine was a SAS with a 2 inch lift and 37's. I had to be careful where I went. I guess it depends on how you go offroad.
  3. 4.5 Gallon Water Tank Review (Hitch/Roof Rack Mounted)

    I tried a hitch mounted platform that wasn't even as low as this looks. It dragged a lot when off road.
  4. Snow Wheeling Fresh Powder in Colorado With Tires Chains (Video)

    Really nasty snow will stop my BL SAS with 37 ko2's with full air in only about 6inches. Air down to 5psi and it is like a snow cat. Powder is too easy.
  5. DV8 Offroad | Competition Series Front Bumper

    do they make a similar rear bumper?
  6. My Bronco Heritage Limited Purchase DISASTER!

    I have never sued anyone in my 65 years but the selling dealership might be a first.
  7. Need help deciding for Beadlocks

    I run SAS rims with the bead lock rings powder coated 5 % psi and it's great. 37 KO2's. No rubbing problems with 2 inch levelling kit.
  8. Are the stock squatch tires really that bad?

    I mostly wheel in the snow and sand dunes. I went to 37 KO2's on the sas wheels with the bead locks. They still throw just as many rocks. The little bit of extra clearance is all I notice off road. I have to air down to 5 or 6 psi to really get around.
  9. Can I mount 37 inch tires (BFG KO2) on Badlands OEM Sasquatch wheels?

    I ran 37 KO2s before the 2 inch levelling kit on my sasquatch badlands with very little rubbing. Tires were spaced out only by the bead locks. I haven't noticed them rubbing at all with the levelling kit.
  10. It’s MY25, your Bronco is getting a refresh, what are your most desired changes/adjustments?

    Heavy duty tie rod ends, rear axle tubes that won't twist in the diff housing, engine electricals that are mounted for a little better water crossing ability and bracing on the hood so that it does not look like it is going to come off when oncoming traffic goes by.
  11. Price Increase on Bronco Raptor, Heritage Edition, Heritage Limited Effective April 10, 2023

    I have not seen any prices drop on anything else. Every thing I buy costs more each time.
  12. You can’t beat the SOFT top!

    I have had 3 Wranglers with soft tops and loved having the soft top. On the Bronco I would like it also if it wasn't so ugly when it is down. It looks like some old car and that it's not all the way down.
  13. Developing a HATE for my Load Range E Tires

    I went with C rated KO2's in 37s. Ride is quieter than stock, stiffness is about the same but cornering is worse.
  14. Removing and reinstalling wheel rings without issues.

    I took the trim rings off. Started them by hand then used the gun. No Problems. Then I put the real Ford bead lock rings on that had been sitting on my kitchen table for 12 months, after I had them powder coated, and anti seized them generously. Then took it down to get the 37 ko2's put on. The...
  15. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    Having to turn off the auto off every time I start it, not being able to lock both diffs in high range, and forscan not being able to set the speedo for 37 KO2's.
  16. Top-off / topless etiquette and best practices

    I can't handle the look. Ford could have done a better job of how it looks when down.
  17. My Dealer Set Me Up

    Mine came in Friday before Christmas and a local credit union gave me 2.99 for 5 years. They were only requiring a 730 score.
  18. I flipped my Bronco about 5 or 6 times

    Only replaceable if you wait a year. LOL
  19. Which GOAT mode do you use most often?

    My opinion is that the GOAT modes are a waste. I would rather be able to pick my own settings without the extra steps. 2.7, auto badlands, sas