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  1. Personalized Easter Egg???

    So I popped off the trim panel that covers the subwoofer to fix a couple tabs I broke last year and to add some sound deadening. I found this under it, etched in with something after the panel was painted (could feel the sharp edges). I have rotated it 360 degrees and can't make it out, anyone...
  2. Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Leak

    Was sliding around underneath checking the skid plates for loose bolts last week and came across this. At the time, I had no drips on the floor of the garage so it seems like it started recently (the cast off looked fresh). The next day I had one/two drips in the pan I put down, and it's been...
  3. Old Coast Road - Nov 2021

    Took an easy stroll on Old Coast Road this morning. After some weather last weekend, I had to get out and press all of the buttons for the first time. Just some ruts and rocks, not difficult at all. Forgot to record the track on Gaia GPS so here's the route...
  4. California Delivery Thread

    Anyone in the first two weeks of production? Couple of years ago when I ordered my Raptor it went to somewhere near Oakland (Benicia?) via rail and then came down to me on truck. If I remember correctly, it took about 3 weeks. I've got a 6/30 blend date so I'm looking forward to hearing all of...
  5. I don't know this guy, but he's a lucky dude.

    Looks exactly like the famous BL CO 97.
  6. Finally Registered!

    Hey everyone, Trent here. Been lurking around for a long time and finally registered. Reserved a WT back in July, changing my order to BL as soon as I can!