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  1. Missing the $29k base

    My 17 year old son would kill for the chance at the $29k base model that was offered at release. Sad to see Ford has done away with the base and increased the price on everything in the process. Entry point for Bronco is now $42k after delivery.
  2. Bronco Logo Courtesy Lights

    This would have been a perfect addition to the puddle lights by Ford. For <$20, they are a pretty neat novelty. Just got mine in the mail. Amazon.com: Pfumisa 2Pcs Car Door Lights Projector for Ford Bronco,Wireless Car Door Paste Projector Logo Lights Led Logo Projector Lights : Automotive
  3. Anyone experience washer leak down?

    I have noticed recently that the washer fluid takes about 8-10 seconds to squirt onto the front glass. This seems to be an indication that it is leaking down between uses. My other vehicle is no more than 2-3 seconds. Anyone with a similar experience or explanation?
  4. Rear soft top prop rod keeper vanished

    Loading some stuff at Costco today and when I went to stow the prop rod to let down the clamshell, the little clasp that keeps it in place is gone. I looked everywhere and no luck. Maybe it pushed inside? I don't know - anyone have an experience or idea. I will probably waste a half of a...
  5. Dirt Drag Race - Bronco 2.7 vs Wrangler 3.6

    Watch The Ford Bronco And Jeep Wrangler Drag Race In The Dirt (msn.com)
  6. Double Tray Center Console Organizer

    I have the shallow tray and it works great. Now there are many different sellers on Amazon with a double tray! Just ordered. Even with the small tray, the lower portion still looks like a junk drawer. :) I need organization! See the video: Amazon.com: ANMOSVO for Ford Bronco Accessories...
  7. Interior Organization Solutions Galore

    It evidently has been a while since I strolled down the automotive isle at Target. Man, they have a bunch of storage solutions that look interesting. I already had something like the square cargo bin, but I did pick up the seat wedge organizer. Not sure what I will put in it, but $10 for a...
  8. Soft Top Protection and Results

    I have had my soft top since 10/1 and I thought it was a good time to apply something beyond the factory protection for the top. Having done some research, I decided on the RaggTopp Protectant. Garage kept and never really dirty, the top gets a quick rinse during my washes. I do the windows...
  9. Headlight protection advice

    I hate to see headlight lenses age and get cloudy and yellow. Anyone have ideas on protecting the plastic? I notice Xpel has PPF for the headlights and I see ceramic coatings. What is the best ounce of prevention? Paint Protection Film Pre-Cut Kits (xpel.com) Amazon.com: 3M Quick Headlight...
  10. PSA: 0 Miles to empty is probably pretty accurate

    I pulled into my local station right when it hit 0 miles to empty on the info system. I proceeded to put 21.6 gallons in the 4dr OBX, and that was the automatic click on the pump handle! I did another .15 to full for 21.75. Unlike my Toyota which can easily go another 20 miles after the...
  11. Cool Bronco Middle East Commercial

    Cool footage
  12. VIOFO A119 V3 Dash Cam Install

    I had a dash cam that I purchased about a year ago for a work project and decided to get it out and see how it might look in the Bronco. Going high would be ideal, but the idea of running cables around the windshield and A pillar were more work than I cared for given it was pretty much a lark...
  13. 3rd Row Seating

    Admiring @BroncoUnicorn nice work prompted a question about a 3rd row seat add. I thought it would be a useful thread for future searches. (2) Ford cargo security drawer installed in a 2-door Bronco with rear seat delete | Bronco6G - 2021+ Ford Bronco & Bronco Raptor Forum, News, Blog & Owners...
  14. Differences between Outer Banks versus Badlands Video

    This guy does a really nice video. He breaks down the choice between an OBX and Badlands nicely.
  15. How to get a Bronco build date faster - with some sacrifices

    New dealer video posted 9/4 that runs down changes within the context of commodities in the remaining FE and other builds. HOW TO GET A BRONCO BUILD DATE FAST - YouTube
  16. Soft Top Care and Cleaning

    I am interested in care and cleaning of the soft top and want to pick the brain of anyone who has had a convertible top past or present. Vinyl is sort of a different animal, so if you can please limit responses to just cloth/canvas experience it would be most applicable. I have been researching...
  17. PSA: Soft Top Down When Entering Garage

    I love this family and their new Bronco videos. They are informative and passionate about their new toy. I also like that they don't take themselves too seriously. They have done videos on wind noise, stereo upgrades, wheel and tire upgrades, and a couple other things. Last night they posted...
  18. Will the dealer model change?

    As I drive by dozens of dealers with almost empty lots, it makes me wonder if we are seeing the beginning of a change in the dealer model. Instead of floorplanning hundreds of cars to sit on acres of valuable land, might car sales be moving to more of an order model? With folks spending a lot...