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  1. My first Bronco Purchase. Need advice its a Hardop

    I’ve got a 2023 Badlands 2 door Sasquatch with a hard top and it’s just like I thought it would be…it’s not a Lincoln Continental by any means but at 80 we do have to turn the radio up more and talking has to be more than a whisper by all means…I don’t think it should deter your purchase…these...
  2. Anything scarier than running out of warranty... which extended warranty to get (if any)?

    I understand completely!!! I did buy the extended warranty for 2023 Bablands 2 door Sasquatch…there is just way too much electronics on them…in my opinion. 150k or ten years is comforting. My wife has a Volvo and we Got the extended warranty which is the first in my life at 69…her heater...
  3. Greeting from Connecticut

    You're going to love your Bronco...after having Jeeps for quite while the Bronco is by far superior...in my opinion of course. Welcome to the group and enjoy!!!
  4. Unknown tube in engine bay

    I'm not sure but I had differential vents so when in water a hot differential would suck in around the seals but from the tube coming from the differential. I'll take a look at mine and see if I can follow it down...there is probably one for the rear diff also...
  5. Rusted pinch weld on Badlands

    I'm thinking you or whoever owned before you drove on rock or sand roads...just a thought...Iwould take those off and paint them with epoxy paint and then install "RockBlokz" mud flaps right away...
  6. Uneven Front Hardtop Panels

    My 2023 2 door Badlands is the same...uneven... so I too assumed it's normal too!
  7. Oil Change Experience

    I just had my second oil change at 10k miles and I haven't had that experience...but I use to change my oil (when I was young and flexible) and many times the oil would get splashed around and it would drip until I found out where it was hiding. I think you're ok but it is annoying on your...
  8. In LOVE with the Bronco! Want to leave car...

    I had a Civic SI 2 door...Great gas mileage too but had the tire light on every week??? Get a Bronco...you'll love it as I do mine. You may be a little bummed out when you filll the Bronco up though...I get consistently 20 MPG but not much more...sometimes less when I kick in the twin...
  9. 2023 2 door top weight?

    That's Awesome!!! I was going to use straps but I like the 2x6 with the eye bolt...Nice job!!!
  10. 2023 2 door top weight?

    Thanks for the quick reply...and for the information!!! Amos
  11. 2023 2 door top weight?

    Ok...so I just installed a winch in my attic that has 2 x4 trusses supporting the home roof...I'm now getting a little concerned that a may be taxing the 2 x 4 trusses with the weight of my Bronco top...I can't find anywhere how much the tops weigh...does anyone have any idea? Thanks for any...
  12. PSI tire pressure on 35's?

    Same as others...I've ran my 35's at 39psi and have 10k on them...they are wearing very nicely, so I'm sticking with the manufacturers specs
  13. New member

    Welcome Phil...you'll love this website or blog or whatever it's called with a lot of guys and gals with a lot of information...Nice Bronco!!! These things are AWESOME!!!...Amos
  14. Buying a Bronco from Michigan and driving it home to Alabama. How can I prevent future rust?

    I'm not sure but I was at a rally race and needed to put my magnetic antenna on my Badlands 2 door and it wouldn't stick anywhere except above the windshield...I then checked and all of the Broncos are made with aluminum body??? So my experience with aluminum is it is less prone to rust... or...

    Ok...so I have consistently used nothing but Costco 93 octane fuel...I have 10,000 miles on my 2023 2 door, Badlands Sasquatch and for the last 4 fill ups I am consistently getting 20.3 MPG in Econo mode. I never bought my Bronco for MPG...I bought it for fun..and it is....my 2018 Civic SI 2...
  16. Anyone else getting a little rusty?

    I was getting chips from dirt / rock roads so I ended up buying "Rokblokz" mudflaps that work Great!!!
  17. K&N Replacement Air Filter

    I put a K&N in my 2.7 Badlands at 700 miles...fits perfectly...I just got back from a rally race ( I was a heavy sweep) but still on dirt roads pulling out rally cars and the filter was a mess. I have two K&N filters that I alternate and clean which works Great!!!
  18. Need a new engine on my 2021 Badlands Sasquatch

    I would call Ford directly and see if you get any support...if nothing else they may split the bill which is still ridiculous in my opinion but I would start there.
  19. Bronco extended trailer tongue extension question

    I may have another solution I'm not sure if this will help anyone but I've finally got my trailer hitch and pop up set up which I think is the right way. I did buy on a suggestion from this forum a cheap $15.00 scale from Amazon that goes to 400lbs...you'll see a picture below. My spec sheet...