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  1. [Video] Install of NVM Rock Sliders

    How did it go? My install was a shit show. So much extra work to get everything lined up, missing brackets (which they quickly replaced…sorta), and that rear transfer case bend was off slightly so it made life miserable. Ended up having to elongate the rear holes. Now that it’s installed it...
  2. Camping chair recommendations

    I love my Helinox. I’ve probably had it for 5-6 years and it’s always tucked in whatever I’m driving for any impromptu situations a chair might be enjoyable. Small and light if I need to carry it somewhere. I often forget it’s even in the truck it’s so small. Also like how it’s quick to set up...
  3. Broncover vs RainGear Trail Cover

    I see the Broncover is for use with top off only. Rain Gear seems to have one for when you’re leaving the tops on. My use case is for a Bronco with top on and Trailrax/Pax. I’m thinking I’d like to keep the doors off in the summer when parking at work but want to keep any unexpected storm water...
  4. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    You’re very welcome. Glad to pay back for all the help and information I get from others here. I have not yet made a final decision. If someone like Westin or EO had an aggressive Memorial Day sale, I might just come off the fence, or I may just get sick of waiting/hoping and put the great...
  5. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    If that was true that would be great. The problem I have is my Trailrax is still in boxes. If I take it all out and assemble/install it, it instantly becomes harder to re-sell/my loss is bigger. So far, all the info I’ve gotten has been you can’t get it off with a trailrax. I wish I knew someone...
  6. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    TOR= Turn Off Road Hardtop. Single piece targa is reported to make removal impossible with the Trailrax on. Your removal times are impressive and watching your posts on the topic over the past year have been informative. Especially your discovery about leaving the wind deflector on.
  7. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    You’re welcome. If you would like to collect the data I’d be happy to add it. I didn’t prioritize the static and dynamic load rating a because they’re very suspect. For example, any rack that mounts solely to the top (most of them) is technically limited to Fords rating: “Max load 110 lbs...
  8. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    Grea Great Information! Thank you for sharing that. I wasn’t aware it had those issues.
  9. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    That's a fair observation, and likely accurate;-). But I've got the extra cognitive spend available, and figured while I was working on a solution for myself, others might appreciate a consolidated list of options. If I had a magic wand I guess I'd like something modular with lots of options...
  10. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    Yep. It's on the spreadsheet. No side rack. Very limited reviews. No idea about hardware composition. Zero information about static or dynamic load available (although I take that all with a grain of sand even if it is available). Attached are the only two pictures EO claims to have with it...
  11. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    Thanks. I tried that but it’s just a link to the OneDrive. Maybe it’s a google feature.
  12. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    So don’t say I never did anything for ya:). Here’s a spreadsheet of a large number of the available roof racks available to us as of now, May 2024. Link: Bronco Roof Rack Options Spreadsheet I’ll note, I built it based on my interests. I’m not interested in the half a dozen or so Chinese...
  13. Dual Battery Concept

    Depending on your resources, or you can even upload to a service, but 3D printing that box could be an excellent option.
  14. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    I was also wondering if anyone added this with the NVM diff cover? The ARB will not work. The NVM cover has no way to drain easily. This might work, and I could just drill a hole in the bottom of the NVM to allow access to the drain bolt on the bottom with little consequence. I’m just not sure...
  15. Rear Diff skid by Next Venture Motorsport, Just look @ it will you just look @ it.

    Had mine powder coated by NVM and then I ended up coating it again with Raptor liner, because I love that stuff.
  16. Let's see your roof-top Tents and camping setups!

    Hello. Love your setup. Could you tell me how you like your Gobi rack? Any insights on things like wind noise and corrosion? Pluses and minuses? One of my primary concerns is it being steel tubing. I currently live in the north east. You can taste the salt in the air all winter. Also, I’m...
  17. Those with the Expidition One Mule Sam Roof Rack

    Can any of you with the Mule provide any feedback? How’s the anodizing holding up in your environment? How’s the wind noise? Is the hardware stainless? Any problems with weight? Their pivot point is odd and I can’t figure out how it doesn’t fold under weight, but I like the option to open it so...
  18. Turn Offroad | Aftermarket Hard Top NOW AVAILABLE

    Just don’t make my same mistake. Just because it fits, don’t assume you’ll have full functionality. More specifically, you can’t remove the one piece TOR targa with a Trailrax (and most others including TOR’s) roof rack.
  19. Rear Winch Installed

    Bad ass! Thanks for the write up! I’d love to add one someday. Is APG the only game in town so far?
  20. Jacking Off Road - Best Practices

    I looked the author up…what a hole to fall into lol.