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  1. New Tires - Toyo R/T Trail (315/70r17) installed

    looks like something Discount would do
  2. 2025 Bronco Peak Blue color spotted?!

    Azure Grey is closer to Amazon Van Blue
  3. New Custom Sasquatch Tailgate Emblem Installed

    Personally, I prefer color matching the badges versus removing the only FORD badge from the vehicle but to each their own
  4. Brandmotion fullvue mirror

    I love this idea. Maybe could take apart the third brake housing, drill a hole in the middle do long as to not mess with the lighting wiring/diodes and out a mounting screw through the top of the housing. Also, it’s very possible someone has done this cover the last year and half since you...
  5. What's Your 6G Bronco's older alter ego?

    I was born in 96, the year they last made them and when I turned 18 in ‘14 I was looking into getting a 96 Bronco but all that I was finding were abused and so I ventured down the 04 F150 Prerunner path. When I heard about the Bronco coming backI was able to make the numbers work and get the...
  6. Bronco Raptor Drowned!

    Can I have your top? 🤭🤭
  7. Braptorizing 2 door Bronco... First Edition Warthog...

    It’s a little bit of a bummer that puttingthe Bronco Raptor parts on a Bronco aren’t as seamless as putting F150 Raptor parts on a regular F150. Love the old days of my 04 with Raptor suspension and 37’s and the only thing I had to do to adjust was cutting an inch of the inner tie rod off.
  8. Tail light bulb replacement

    I found this right after. Is there a specific bulb number though? Because it seems like nobody has our bulb number in halogen or a LED replacement verbatim. I saw the Alla and DD but both still need to use ForScan for the hyperblink. Watched something a while ago about putting a resistor to...
  9. Tail light bulb replacement

    Didntou replace both reverse bulbs with LEDs or Reverse and Brake/Turn bulbs? Trying to find a Dual Purpose LED to replace the halogen Brake/Turn but can’t find anything anywhere.
  10. Base tail-lights, led reverse bulbs.

    I’m currently in the process of redesigning the light output and design of the base taillights. Still thinking through how to eliminate the red tinted clear cover and then switch to red led’s for the brake and potentially use a 2 to 3 wire adapter to have a dedicated turn signal instead of the...
  11. Custom Illuminated Aux Switches - DIY

    this joke didn’t get nearly enough reaction 😂😂😂😂
  12. Happy Fri-yay!!! Let's see those naked (Bronco) photos! **No Nudity allowed**

    If it would ever stop raining here in AZ, the doors would be off like they were all of last February. But since it’s been raining once a week, it doesn’t exude confidence for a dry bronco when I get done with work. So here last year’s.
  13. Throwback Thursday!!! Let's see those trade-ins vs what you have now photos!!!

    2014 Ford Focus SE Hatch to 2022 Ford Bronco BaseSquatch
  14. Lobo Off-Road HNT Front Bumper

    Hey Lobo. Wanted to check and see how the R&D on the tubular rear bumper is coming along.
  15. What'd you buy on Black Friday / Cyber Monday for your Bronco? 🎁

    I bought some goodies for the bronco including an open box tire cover for $14 from XT, two mounts from ProClip, and from Etsy that will be used for the bronco-a MagSafe holder for one of the ProClip mounts. Only have received the tire cover so far.
  16. 2022 4 door 2.7 build

    what do you do for work and are you hiring? I live in AZ
  17. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Painted the emblems on the back! Purple accent coming along great. (Wish purple was just one shade)
  18. Custom Bumper Fabricator

    Is it a basic prerunner style? 🤔👀 Bc same.