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  1. Garage Hoist Question

    Hoping you can let 2DR owners like me know which strap you have and where you got it! Any pics?
  2. First towing trip with Bronco

    Montana is full. Try Idaho 😏
  3. Hood ajar alert

    You are not alone, this has happened to me a number of times. 😡
  4. Tailgate Bronco placement

    Just put it where you think it looks best. I did.
  5. Auto Start / Stop - how to permanently disable?

    An added bonus to this device is that it allows you to turn back on ASS anytime you want. If you want…
  6. Sunglass storage solved!

    All good ideas but I just pass one arm of my sunglasses through the top panel bracket and let 'em hang. Been doing this since day 1.....
  7. Recovery Boards -- any situation you've needed more than a pair?

    I recently got my '96 Land Cruiser buried beyond axle deep in a snowbank. Even with locking axles and selective use of the go pedal, I could only dig myself in deeper. Using my two MaxTrax boards under the front wheels allowed me to creep forward enough to reach pavement. They are one of the...
  8. Deer vs '23 Heritage Limited......

    I’ve heard the ARB bumpers are the only things attached to vehicles that deer actually fear!
  9. 2023 2 door top weight?

    @Onestepmore I like your above the ceiling solution. My experience with construction makes me think your mounting structure would be significantly more stable if you were to tie it into the trusses on the ends. Better safe than sorry 🙂
  10. Everglades wheels on a carbonized grey BD?

    @lapazleo It would be great if you could post some photos of your Area 51 sitting on those rims. Thanks!
  11. Wheels originally developed for Rest of World Ranger Raptor

    https://accessories.ford.com/2021-bronco-17-x-8-5-wheel-kit-dyno-gray Curious if anyone seen these on a NA Bronco? Ford Accessories state that they are direct bolt-on. I like the look a lot!
  12. 40th Birthday Northwest Road Trip - CA -> NV -> ID -> MT -> UT -> NV -> CA (Advice/tips/recommendations appreciated!)

    If you’re going into YNP, drive in to the North entrance from Red Lodge, MT. You will travel the Beartooth Highway, one of the most scenic roads in North America, into WY.
  13. Moab noobie question

    Fins & Things is a great Moab intro trail. Close to town and gives you the option to exit 1/2 way through. I've done Schaffer a number of times, always uphill into Canyonlands NP. (No entrance fee if you go that way). A rental Camry would be fine on that road if you have a bit of common sense.

    Does anyone know the weight of the factory modular bumper? I'm trying to determine what the net gain is by adding the ARB. TIA! NM! found it - ~80 lbs. So net gain of ~ 90lbs.
  15. What does rebooting Sync actually do?

    I’ve fixed a variety of problems with a 15 minute battery time-out!
  16. Possible solution for no single roof front cross bar

    Based on the first photo, it appears there should be a strap of some type running through the grommet below the side/edges of the rack. Possibly w/ a hook to hold it to the roof?

    I installed the Half-rack on my 2DR but not the pak rax. Install was easy, just follow the instructions and tighten side to side in small increments.
  18. Why are Jeepers so rude to everyone else?

    @RallyGorgo Your garage and mine have a lot in common. I also have an ‘06 Unlimited Rubicon (6M) and an Area 51 2Dr Badlands. I consistently get more positive comments about the Jeep than the Bronco. I don’t care though, I drive and enjoy them both, and am grateful to own two amazing vehicles...
  19. how does 2-door Bronco handle high winds?

    Its too loud in my Bronco to worry about how it handles....