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  1. Assembly Line Video of 2 and 4 Door Broncos

    Good point, so just another preproduction mix of various options including OPTIONAL??? MIC body colour matched door handles in place of standard black door handles?
  2. Assembly Line Video of 2 and 4 Door Broncos

    Hope we get to see a pic of this one when it rolls off the end of the line. Could be the first WildTrak spotted
  3. Assembly Line Video of 2 and 4 Door Broncos

    Must be a WILDTRAK, the only option with body colour door handles AND black fender flares. Only other possibility is an OUTERBANKS with Sasquatch package to account for the black fender flares, rather than flares colour matched to the body and door handles like a standard OuterBanks:unsure...
  4. Bucking Bronco Headlight Easter Egg

    Didn't say that...Don't get your shorts in a knot
  5. Bucking Bronco Headlight Easter Egg

    I see a VERY expensive headlight assembly when any part of it malfunctions or is damaged in any way:oops:
  6. Ontario Bronco Club

    Logo looks GREAT! Very classy looking
  7. Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    Blatant price gouging on Ford's part. Totally trying to capitalize on the hype generated on the new Bronco. And referencing wrangler pricing is just wrong, they are exorbitantly overpriced, also taking advantage of the enthusiasm. Love the new Bronco, but I will not be taken advantage of...I am out
  8. Ontario Bronco Club

    NICE, having it available in various letter colours to closely match either your rig's body colour, your top/grille colour, or the unique emblem colour of your base model(example grey/silver for Big Bend, yellow for Badlands), even better!