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  1. broadicustomworks

    Ford Just Briefed Dealers on Bronco Allocations, Ordering Dates, Build Date Estimates

    This is true. But in the value aspect the early ones regarded as 64.5 are worth a bit more, more rare of a vehicle. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a true 65 though! 😎
  2. broadicustomworks

    Ford Just Briefed Dealers on Bronco Allocations, Ordering Dates, Build Date Estimates

    Actually this would be a genius move for Ford. That way the FE really are exclusive. Anyone ever who has a 2021 would have a FE, limited to 7000 pieces. It should up the value of it long term as well. It would be like a 64.5 Mustang or a 70.5 SS Camaro.
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    How’s vinyl wrap price, quality, longevity, downsides?

    Yes, holds up fine for @5 years, give or take depending on quality and brand. If you take care of it, garage it, etc...indefinitely. I haven't had those luxuries to gauge it by. Scratching: IT would protect the paint for most scratches (small/fine/small branches). Itself, when scratched down to...
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    B6G should have a sub-forum for Buy, Sell, Trade

    I voted "Yes" because I think it would be awesome and we could skip all of the general public's "Next" , "Interested", "Trade for a 85 XR80, ran when parked?" crap. HOWEVER: The Mods can't be held liable for any botched interactions, shady people, or deadbeats. The Mods can't be held...
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    Bronco being tested with 37" Tires

    Addition of Green to the color options....? we should have started an impromptu poll.
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    FORD: please add these 2 colors... pwetty pwease?

    I don't see it happening but voted anyway. True Competition-type Orange gloss and Matte Grey. If Matte OD green was an option, it would be for sure #1. Matte Desert Tan #2. BUT since neither are on the poll, went with the next "coolest" stand-out colors that i think would go well with the body...
  7. broadicustomworks

    First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    I feel ya, bro. For real i do. After this gets "Doug'd" with all of the Turtles, it won't be nearly as effective or true.
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    Wildtrak - Isn't it Odd

    Thanks, man. Built it from the frame up. 4 link rear, bags, stroker with Sniper EFI, 700R4. And yes, your own place with space and freedom is the single best investment ever. We live on a gravel road with well water and septic system (no city stuff), next to a Horse rescue pasture. No HOA, good...
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    Status Symbol Complex

    Now THAT's the life. Very nice, and happy for ya, man.
  10. broadicustomworks

    Wildtrak - Isn't it Odd

    Those metal buildings are pretty cheap. And they make it easy to upgrade in size too. It's one of those things where you go in thinking a size will be adequate and they hit you with a bigger size for just a few hundred more, etc. I ended up with a 30X42 with another 40X60 concrete pad in...
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    So, now I'm dreaming about Broncos. Literally.

    It's a consuming, soul-sucking sickness. Long time between now and next summer.... Absence makes the heart grow fonder though, right?
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    2 door/4 door Base price disparity

    Hmm. I don't think its artificially low. It's still 30k for the base in reality. The Jeep is comparable, like really, really close. In price. However, not as many standard options on their base. And I can only assume much worse fit and finish. We went to look at some this past weekend just for...
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    Status Symbol Complex

    Zombies. It's why we need lockers and 35's (or 37's). Once you run one or two over they will start to pile up and get slippery. Maybe the gunner hatch on the Hard Top isn't such a crazy thing after all. Maybe Levine knows something we don't and that's the next big news. A .50 Cal mount that...
  14. broadicustomworks

    Antimatter Blue real life look - on 2021 F-150

    Splash’s Daddy with a tad bit more go-pedal. those were awesome looking trucks. I remember when they came out vs the older style. Man I wanted one of those so bad!
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    Status Symbol Complex

    We can only hope.👀
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    Status Symbol Complex

    Well said. There are an abundance of subject matter experts and keyboard gladiators in any virtual group and it is just the law of averages. I have noticed this group is overwhelmingly supportive of each other with few exceptions, which is above normal. Just all keep in mind what has been said...
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    Bronco Build & Price date

    Don't forget this famous gem.
  18. broadicustomworks

    If you're Ford, which trim do you tool your line for 1st?

    DoD custom builds?! Man that just sounds badass.
  19. broadicustomworks

    If you're Ford, which trim do you tool your line for 1st?

    In these days it is as simple as coordinating a "kit" to take to the production floor to place in the kanban (spot in line, example is a square on the floor for the next job, another square behind it for the next one after it, etc.) In my manufacturing world we have standard builds, and some...