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  1. Folding Aluminum Grab Handles Installed

    Thanks for sharing, I like the way they are up and out of the way.
  2. Help!!! Kings made my steering wonky.

    I get it now...I didn't realize they were the manufacturer, I thought they were just trying to help.
  3. Help!!! Kings made my steering wonky.

    Maybe I missed something but I'm not sure why the OP is throwing Accutune under the bus when they didn't do this install?
  4. Recent Resale Value

    The manual trans killed it, most buyers just don't want manuals anymore.
  5. F150 to Bronco?

    I have both and they are two separate animals. It does feel smaller inside but it's not an issue in my opinion. I love my Bronco but if you use your tuck to do truck things, you will miss it.
  6. Ohio IAG steel running boards & other stuff

    Where are you located in Ohio?
  7. Utah New Bestop Slantback windows only

    2 door or 4 door?
  8. Bubbling Dash

    Just ignore the negative responses. I haven't heard of this before but would try and warranty it for sure. Let us know what hey say, I curious to see the outcome.
  9. Northeast Ohio checking in

    Welcome...looking good! Youngstown area here.
  10. Ford should learn from Tesla about multiple reservation holders (person blacklisted)

    How about Ford just do something to stop the dealer ADM's then we can worry about the flippers.
  11. Anderson Composites Hardtop Installed - Review, Tips, and Pics

    Look Great! Nice write up...thanks for sharing.
  12. Need help picking color!

    EG all day everyday.
  13. Vin says Badlands

    Mine base is the same, comes up as Badlands too.
  14. Warning about Scam on Facebook. Jim's Auto Recycling Inc. (SCAM)

    This sucks you to have to deal with this, but if something seems too good to be true....it usually is.
  15. Not Bronco related but I am proud of myself 🫡

    Congrats....thanks so much for your service!
  16. Thinking about Ordering

    I got %4 under invoice from Chapman...no games. I did have to wait 2 years since Ford changed things up after reservations but Chapman was great.