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  1. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    Anyone do this on a Heritage yet and have the part numbers? I’d assume it’s the same parts as a big bend.
  2. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    After sitting in the Nashville railyard since 12/18, my Bronco Heritage has finally made it to the dealership and is undergoing final preparations!
  3. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    I feel your pain. Mine has been sitting at a rail yard ramp waiting for the final delivery to the dealer since 12/18.
  4. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Mine has been at the rail yard in Nashville since the 18th waiting on a truck to deliver it to the dealer. Was hoping it’d be there by now, but it’s looking like I might not get it until after Christmas.
  5. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    Well, for reference, mine was shipped 12/8 to Tennessee and the estimated delivery is 12/18-12/31. Hopefully it makes it to the dealer tomorrow.
  6. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Shipped on 12/8 with an original delivery estimation of 12/26-1/8. Updated a couple days ago to a delivery estimate of 12/19-1/1 and then again yesterday to 12/18-12/31. Hoping this means it’ll arrive Monday because it doesn’t make sense to update the estimate to 1 day earlier unless they’re...