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  1. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    Although I'm salty they put this video out after following my instructions, without a courtesy of an honorable mention, I'll admit it's really good and thorough. Except when you get to the point where they tell you that you don't need to program the BCMC.
  2. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    Try downloading and running the BCMC Module C Configuration. I'm not entirely convinced the PMI copied everything from my old module to the new one, but the Module mismatch error seemed to clear up just after I ran the configuration.
  3. Auto Start / Stop - how to permanently disable?

    Herexs what I can explain: Forscan ---> PSCM ---> Find 730-03-01 ---> Third Set of Numbers update the first two characters to "00" to disable. Write to module and exit. What I can't explain: 7 pages of posts by forum members pissing in the wind with unrelated comments to get the OP's question...
  4. DIY: Retrofit Bronco Hard Top (Prep Kit & Installation Write-Up)

    I'd swap everything over to match the hard top model in your trim, including hvac controls. Also, check that any required fuses are installed.
  5. 2024 Talking Rock Bronco Stampede, June 7-9 2024

    Agreed that it's planned like shit. The fact that this is the only thread about it on the forums is a telling sign. They should be looking for sponsors a year in advance of the event not a month before. The neighboring town hosts Jeep Fest and I bet these people thought they'd do the same for...
  6. Park Brake Fault Service Now

    I get this too. 2022 Badlands Lux. Dealer can't "reproduce the problem" to fix it.
  7. New Driver Alert Warning Rest Suggested - drink coffee icon

    I figured Mercedes owners just blew rails on their own. I didn't realize their cars sent them a reminder!
  8. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    You'll basically throw a code and it'll be inherently obvious you were tinkering with your car. Godforbid you end up with a warranty concern, you'll open the door for an easy denial.
  9. Color changing ambient lighting using Ford OEM parts

    Lights are finally in! Pretty easy install! Big thanks to @BroncoBuckaroo for the YouTube Video, @21Obx for spearheading the project and @JHForman812 the wire harness build out.
  10. Oil Change Experience

    Likely the issue @PWillette called out. It would also happen on my 2.3L.
  11. Help!!! Kings made my steering wonky.

    Sounds like bullshit to me
  12. IAG ez step touch up tip

    Anyone have an issue with their @IAG Performance step fading in color or getting a white haze over the finish?
  13. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    On the surface, the activity surrounding this top has the classic signs of a ponzi scheme. Except replace the phrase "investors" with "customer deposits." Also, rather than paying a return on investment or delivering actual product, I think they're just rolling customer deposit money (and...
  14. Smoked Brisket

    You making enough for everyone?