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  1. Looking for ID of unknown wiring harness near driver side tail light

    Had the same issue when I had the dealer installed trailer tow package installed on my 24 Badlands. My rear lock unlocked worked sporadically when I used my hand to unlock the tailgate. The key fob worked 100% of the time. To open it using just your hand, it only worked when I touched the key...
  2. IAG ez step touch up tip

    I had a similar issue except mine was rocks on the trail. I reached out to IAG directly and Kathy in customer service provided great advice. She sent me the following picture of what they would recommend for touchups to their steps. I have to say it matched perfectly.
  3. Have You Used 88 Unleaded/Flexfuel In Your Bronco?

    I’m sure it’s already been said several times – – – but I would expect you to get substantially less miles per gallon using E85. Here’s an article that talks about it...
  4. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    By adjusting the display to show the off-road mode and cycling to the powertrain distribution, you can see where the power is going ( front and rear ) when accelerating. Once on the highway, or just cruising, you’ll only see power applied only to the rear tires. So the information provided by...
  5. 4A or 2H? Which is the best?

    My badlands is not a Sasquatch and has an automatic. I agree about the front feeling a little heavier when in 4A mode. Found the gas mileage appears to be about 1 mile per gallon better in 4A versus 2H
  6. Is the paint color off or is it just me?

    In the photo, the paint does not appear to be the same color as the tailgate or quarter panel. I would ask them to try it again. I have the same color truck and had concerns when my tow hitch was being installed. Took three trips to get mine to work properly as they forgot to reattach the...
  7. Anyone running these fog lights?

    Looks good! do you like the brightness of the lights?
  8. Anyone running these fog lights?

    Any pictures with the Diode Dynamics 6" Light Bar Fog Kit installed?

    Joining the club. Wanted this color so much that I custom ordered the truck and waited a while for it. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up to take the top off.
  10. Key fob…. disassemble NOT to do battery replacment

    I was able to buy a used Ford bronco key fob off of eBay for around 60 bucks. Programming took about five minutes. Assuming you have the hideaway laser cut key from the old key fob. That would be an easy way to have a good working fob and Access key too.
  11. Additional Key Fob

    I too have a 2024 Ford bronco. I purchased a used Ford bronco key that had the exact same frequency as my two original keys. Using the owners manual in the bronco, I follow the instructions exactly as they described. My key fob was facing buttons up With the unlock button facing the front of the...
  12. Where the hell is my VIN?! Missing Windshield VIN

    How did you make out with the CHP? Did you get the stickers so you can register the bronco? I want to see how the story ends.
  13. Proximity, unlock issues, rear tailgate SOLVED!!!

    Issue has been solved. The comment from “ Wickedbronco” Was spot on. Had been traveling for a few weeks so I wasn’t near the truck. Had a little time this morning and pulled back the interior trim. Sure enough the proximity antenna was attached to the side panel without a cable in it. Looking...
  14. OEM Hardtop available as accessory part ... here it comes.

    So if you add the mic hardtop to a soft top vehicle, does that mean you increase the value of your bronco by $5000?
  15. Vin says Badlands

    I think each insurance company handles a different. My policy (after reading all the comments above I had to check) shows that mine is just listed as a 2024 Ford bronco. The vehicle is actually a Badlands bronco. The insurance company must get additional information on the features of the...
  16. Running boards recommendations?

    The rock rails that came with the hang the steps onto the rock rails. Two set screws tightened behind the rock rail and keep it in place. Super easy to install. Less than 20 minutes will be able to take them off very quickly when going off road and put them back on once I get back kind of like...
  17. 2024 Trailer Tow Kit (New Ford Accessory Part)

    The trailer kit on the Ford accessory site appears to be the exact same kit that was sent to the dealer when I ordered the 2024 with the tow package. I asked the mechanic how difficult it was to install and he said it was very easy. Just like others have said the rear bumper needs to be...
  18. Proximity, unlock issues, rear tailgate SOLVED!!!

    2024 bronco Badlands. Ordered with tow hitch. Bronco was delivered a few weeks ago. Rear tailgate, locked and unlocked flawlessly when my hand was put into the handle, or the black button was pushed on the rear Telge. Tow hitch finally came in and the dealer installed it. Tow looks great...