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  1. MIC Hardtop - Coated? Question Taping Surface..

    I would not use any tape. It's not necessary. Besides; with the issues with this top, Ford's warning notice about what to not even use to clean or treat it...why take the risk of ANY damage to a $7,000.00 top?!
  2. Rear ended on Sunday :( $20K repair estimate! [Update: TOTALED]

    I am shocked they won't total it. IMO, from being rear ended years ago in a full size Pontiac....even after fixed it will never be the same. Creaking frame or body panels, paint flaking off years later. I would demand a full replacement of same vehicle....full cost reimbursal. Do not sign off...
  3. I watch Bronco Videos all day to pass the time

    As I waited for 2 years to finally get my Bronco; during that time I watched many videos as well. I also stocked up and researched all my aftermarket accessories and watched the install videos. Now.....I just sit in the garage and stare at it all day! :ROFLMAO: ;)
  4. Tire recommendation for 2 door, non-SAS Outerbanks?

    I went with 18" rims and Cooper Tires AT3-XLT. I had these also on my F150 and love them!
  5. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    I like my OEM as well. I would like to see a list of brackets, attachment options and items that can be attached to the OEM rack. I have the 2 door.
  6. Tushy Tuesday!! Let's see those Bronco Rear Ends!

    Does this make my butt look big?!
  7. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    Where all are you guys purchasing this and what cost? Thank you.
  8. Oil Change Experience

    This is what I do: I type up exactly what I want done, what I do not want done and what I expect...including clean up of any oil that may have ran onto the frame/other, also to replace all rock-bash plates. I give a copy to the service manager and tape a copy to a box of doughnuts for the...
  9. Tried out 3W floor liners mats. Nice

    Great. Thank you...ordering!
  10. Tried out 3W floor liners mats. Nice

    I am considering switching to these. I understand they have some small teeth on the back to grab the carpet. I have the rubber floor. Will these work on the rubber floor or will they have a tendency to slide around. I do realize they snap in place. Thoughts? Thank you.
  11. 2 Door Hardtop Rear Defroster Connector Broken Off

    After you get it fixed, you can purchase a protective cover for those off Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B5DHM2P9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Best All-Terrain tires for the northeast?

    My all time favorite tire is: Cooper AT3-XLT:
  13. Why no locking fuel fill door on the Bronco ???

    It is still a thing. My main concern would be vandalism and putting something in the tank. As gas prices go up...likely more theft too.
  14. Does the Ford Bug Shield actually work?

    IMO, that one may protect chips in that area but will not push up & over (the windshield) bugs and rocks. The one pictured below, another member posted before and after install photos vs. the quantity of bugs hitting the glass and it was dramatically reduced. Me; so far no chips and I also...
  15. Horsey Bronco logo on dashboard

    JCR. They make one for both size engines. Powder coated black at $169.00. Watch for % off sales around the various holidays. I had it painted at a paint shop. Comes with 3 brackets that fit into existing threaded holes on the engine. Does not create any additional heat. JcrOffroad: Bronco...
  16. Horsey Bronco logo on dashboard

    My Horsey: And>>>>>>
  17. Central Oregon Desert Adventure (Glass Butte Obsidian)

    Excellent video. Looking forward to part 2!