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  1. Antenna Aerial Assembly Question

    I purchased my current Bronco slightly used and the previous owner swapped out the antenna to a smaller stubby one and for some reason he also changed the aerial assembly. The gentleman that purchased my Bronco had passed away unexpectedly and I purchased it from his wife so I can't ask him why...
  2. Replacement Hard top bolts - part number #?

    Does anyone have the part #'s for the 2 door hard top bolts? When I purchased my Bronco it had the soft top installed and although the hard top came as well, I didn't get the bolts. I would just get some Rockworkx but I'm probably trading it in when my Heritage gets built in March.
  3. Ohio Sold: WTB OEM Antenna

    My Bronco has a shorty antenna and I'm not sure I like it. I don't have the original one but thought some members might have switched out to a shorty and are looking to sell their OEM one. DM if you do. Thanks.
  4. Ohio WTB 2 Door OEM Running Boards or Hoop Steps

    Looking to buy 2 door OEM running boards or hoop steps in NE Ohio or Western PA.
  5. Scheduling this week?

    Do we know if there is any scheduling this week or is the plant on holiday shut down?
  6. Heritage 2 Door orders paused

    So my dealer informed me Friday the Heritage 2 door orders have been temporarily paused. Anyone know why or when they may resume?
  7. Regearing for 35's

    Has anyone actually regeared from the 3.73 when moving to a larger tire size? It seems everyone is adding bigger tires and the the consensus is a regrear is best, but I haven't heard of anyone actually doing it. With the differentials being welded it almost doesn't seem worth it. I 'm...
  8. Scheduling this week?

    Any word if Bronco is scheduling this week?
  9. Anyone looking for a Big Bend at MRSP?

    Received this text from my salesman and wanted to pass along to my fellow forum members. These are located in NE Ohio and I have bought many cars from this dealership and they are top notch. DM if you are interested in my salesman contact info. Hey John, Do you have any of your buddies looking...
  10. Great....just what we need....

    I know MAP is already shut down, hope it doesn't cause anymore delays. https://www.voanews.com/a/covid-19-truck-blockade-in-canada-shuts-down-auto-plants/6435240.html
  11. Good Dealerships still exist....

    Last Friday I texted my salesman at Klaben Ford(Kent, OH) and wanted to switch my order to a soft top so I could possibly get it sooner. A few hours later he calls me and said someone backed out their Bronco order and I could have it at MSRP if I wanted it. Long story short...I picked up my...
  12. X-Plan for Bronco

    I was looking at my X-plan pricing and the 22 Bronco is now listed! I guess Ford is now allowing X-Plan for Bronco orders? Good luck finding a dealer who will accept it I guess, but good to know.
  13. Ford website won't let me complete my order!

    I received the email that my dealer is ready to convert my reservation into an order but I the website won't let me confirm to move the reservation to my dealer. When I select the "continue" radio button it does nothing. This has been going on for a week and my dealer says they can't place the...