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  1. Is the Zone 2.25" Lift for the Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 the best complete Kit ? ? ? ? Who has one?

    Super happy with the results. Can’t wait for my tires next week.
  2. Is the Zone 2.25" Lift for the Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 the best complete Kit ? ? ? ? Who has one?

    Getting the Zone Kit installed right now. There are a couple different threads on this topic but I’ll give you my hwy ride home review and will be testing it at the Big Bear Bronco Bash in a couple weeks. I went with this kit for the UCA’s and that Zone is affiliated with Fox. Being that the...
  3. Zone Offroad 2.25” Adventure Series Lift - anyone install on 2023 Wildtrak?

    Mine will be installed tomorrow, very excited!
  4. Bronco purchased

    Thats not installation, That’s more the design of the bumper and the sensors “seeing” things at new angles. You are correct that research will be needed for the bumper you choose.
  5. Bronco purchased

    From all the different install videos for the different bumpers, the parking sensors seem to be a fairly straightforward process. 🤞
  6. Bronco purchased

    I bought the Lobo HNT rear bumper. Not installed yet. The others I was considering were the SVC and ADD bumpers.
  7. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    23 Wildtrak here with cloth heated seats
  8. The Most Common Bronco Colors You See? 🎨

    Antimatter Blue and Liquid Silver are the 2 rarest I notice.
  9. Will 305/55/r20 tire fit on factory rear wheel carrier?

    That tire is smaller in diameter and width, than the stock Wildtrak/SAS tires you have. 315/70 So that shouldn’t be a problem, your problem might occur when you switch to the 20” wheel if not using the correct offset. But I gotta ask the question…why are you going to a smaller tire?
  10. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    No, I’m happy with the stock 3.0 ride but I’ll be switching to a D rated tire soon (km3). Let’s see what happens 🤞
  11. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    All of them will need a max tire clearance kit to run 37’s. I Considered Eibach springs but not a lot of lift provided and I’m not weighed down to justify the rougher ride. Body lift is a great option but I had too much trouble finding someone who could fabricate some bumper relocation...
  12. Expensive vacation souvenir: a Badlands Bronco

    Get the Dirty Dog headliner ASAP. You will not believe how much it quiets down the road noise!
  13. F150 to Bronco?

    Don’t do it 😆
  14. Colorado FS: Rock Sliders Goat Fab for 4-door

    Curious as to why you are getting rid of them. Did you find something else You liked?
  15. Suspension lift "not compatible with HOSS 3.0"

    I believe the requirement is for the position sensitive FOX shocks on the Wildtraks. HOSS 3.0 rack and Bilsteins should allow same as HOSS 2.0 kits.
  16. Bolt-On Reverse Light Kits

    I like that setup! Is that the same kit linked above?
  17. Bolt-On Reverse Light Kits

    Thanks for the quick reply. are you aware of any other alternatives that have chase light and license plate relocation on the spare tire?
  18. Bolt-On Reverse Light Kits

    why does the spare tire option have the note that it’s “not for Sasquatch equipped vehicles”? Is there a specific Sasquatch link to product?
  19. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    My kit is sitting in my garage, interested to see the results of yours!