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  1. Capable Bumper Light Bar Mount

    Does anyone know if there is a light bar mount similar to the M&R that will work with the Baja Designs S8? I read somewhere a company was working on it but I don’t remember who it was or who posted it here on 6G.
  2. Key In Ignition Chime

    I have a 24 HE and have done the following in Forscan Goat Modes Bambi Mode Key Fob Panic Button I disabled the seat belt chime using the seat belt clip in-and-out method but what I want to do is get rid of the annoying chime when I get in with the fob in my pocket. Can’t seem to find it...
  3. Interior lights on a aux switch

    I plan on installing my IAG interior lights on a switch ILO the rear dome light and plan on using the wire above the windshield and one of the 10 amp switches. Anyone else do this? I was looking for a thread but no luck with this search or google.
  4. Wheel Weight Heritage Edition VS SAS

    I have looked everywhere but cannot seem to find the weight difference (if any) between the white HE wheels and std SAS wheels. Anyone have an answer?
  5. Ram Rail Mount -- anyone using one?

    Anyone using the Ram Rail mount? Was considering it to mount my GoPro, phone and Garmin Tread Overland.
  6. Ford Slide-Out and Security Drawer

    After trying to find something close, thought I would ask the dumb question of the day; anyone tried to mount the Ford Slide-Out Tailgate to the top of the Ford Ford Cargo Area Security Drawer?
  7. Ford Factory Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    Can you purchase the Ford Factory 4-Door Fuel Tank Skid Plate as a stand-alone? If so, does anyone have the part number?
  8. Dilemma Black Diamond or Heritage

    Today I stopped by my local Ford Dealer (3/4 mile away) to have a chat and possibly order a Black Diamond. Unfortunately, they just finished prepping a Race Red Heritage customer order which had all of the options, sans front bumper that I was going to order with the BD/Mid/SAS. Now I have a...
  9. Hi from Idaho

    Hello all, wanted to introduce myself. I'm getting ready to retire and wanted to order a Black Diamond with sas pkg but I see ordering is closed for this model year. Hopefully they will bring a yellow back :) I have two Brittany's, Macy who just turned 1 and Ginger will turn 2 at the end of...