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  1. Injen Intake & Charge Pipe installed on 2.7 Bronco

    I installed the Injen CAI a few months back and have been waiting on the CCV tube fix before going back to install the charge pipe... which are burning a hole in the back corner of my garage. Other than the SES light, the CAI has been great and I also noticed immediate performance / mpg gains.
  2. Flowmaster FX Axle-back on 2021 Ford Bronco 2.7L – My Experience & Sound Comparison Video

    Installed the corsa dual catback last weekend. I’ve had zero drone inside and get a nice Baja raptor sound out the back now, and more power / mpg. I love it.
  3. Big Oly Tribute

    4-6 weeks
  4. Big Oly Tribute

    this looks a lot like Saleen's Big Oly bronco. They are taking orders for first production runs now and the spec sheet is impressive if anyone is interested (I am not affiliated)
  5. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    I got the CEL this morning with the same code other 2023's have had - P04DB. I spoke with Injen this afternoon for an update. The issue is with the CCV adapter/sensor; Injen's theory is that Ford increased the sensitivity of that CCV tube sensor for the 2023 models and the tune no longer has...
  6. New Exhaust Idea

    bumping this. anyone have real world experience with this system?
  7. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    That all makes sense and thanks for the explanations.. I learn so much here. I have heard other folks mention bigger turbo's - is that an option for the Bronco at this point or would you need to get custom fab work done? Likely not in the picture for me anyway but am curious.
  8. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    They gave me some grief for modding 6k miles in, then stroked my ego complimenting the overall install (...well played dealer, well played). I've driven it 25 miles since pick up and no error codes. I also have an oil catch can but it's not dual. I will say, I am loving the sound of the turbo...
  9. Tune vs Hennessey

    That's the vehicle! Amazing! So from first hand experience, is the package worth it (removing the brake snafu of course)?
  10. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    As it turns out, I simply bumped a sensor during the install and that sensor needed to be rejiggered (thanks for the tip @Ninjak). Took the dealer all of 20 minutes to identify and solve the issue, and apparently no other codes have flashed. Picking it up in a bit so we’ll see after a few days...
  11. New Exhaust Idea

    Stumbled across this from QTP today which also looks interesting. https://quicktimeperformance.com/i-30497775-2021-2024-ford-bronco-qtp-screamer-axle-back.html
  12. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    Ugh - this may have caused the issue with whatever sensor is now angry at me :/ I’ll find out in a couple of days and will update…apparently I was due for a maintenance check in anyway
  13. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    I looked for that cylindrical piece and saw nothing in the area that seemed disconnected. I uploaded a photo of that area earlier in case I’m thinking about this wrong? can I even drive this thing to the dealer with this code? It’s about 10 miles and I do not want to risk causing permanent...
  14. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    Everything looks connected. Am I missing something?
  15. Injen CAI for the 2.7L Installed!

    I installed the Injen CAI last night in my Badlands 2.7L and immediately got a check engine / SES light. So I bought an OBD scanner and the code it spit off was P1299. I’ve double checked all the hose clamps, CCV tube connection, and the other two connectors next to that and everything looks...
  16. Tune vs Hennessey

    I’ve debated this for a long time. I am also 70 mi from Hennessey. I was close to pulling the trigger until the sales guys stopped responding to my questions about personalizing the package (how much more $ to upgrade the brakes.. after seeing a video they’d posted). That irritated me, and it...
  17. How to sell my Brand New Bronco Raptor

    Look at bring a trailer. It’s more than doable
  18. Let's see your painted/powder coated Sasquatch wheels and beauty rings

    I’ve had mine done twice now. First in Anthracite grey, which is the very last photo. I chose thinking it would be a good color match to carb grey, but they came out with a blue hue that I didn’t like. So I went back and had them redone in Flat Black (different than matte). I love how the flat...
  19. B Pillar Trim Cover installed. Not bad for $30 off Amazon!

    Really good and cheap mod. Solid
  20. Lets Talk Window Tint. How dark did you go ? ? ? ?

    I did 50% on the rear windows, 18% on the driver/passenger, and 70% on the windshield, all ceramic. Drive it around for 3 weeks and decided it was lighter than I wanted, so I redid it with 5% on the driver/passenger, 18% on the rear windows, and kept the 70% windshield, again all ceramic. I like...