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  1. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    I didn't see a thread for this week so thought I would start it. Got the email this week! Azure Gray, 2 door, 2.7L, Auto Heritage Edition. I was surprised I got scheduled with the large number of orders Chapman still had pending and I was way down the list, but I think only about 10 were...
  2. Ford OTA software updates

    I got the notice below today through my Ford Pass app. I'm wondering if I should disable automatic updates as it may overwrite any changes done with Forscan? Just curious what others thoughts on this are?
  3. Tennessee WTT: Standard Flares for SAS Flares

    As the title says I would like to trade my non-SAS fender flares for your SAS flares. I'm located in Northeast Tennessee. Only 1,100 miles on the Bronco and haven't been off-road yet so they are in very good condition.
  4. Found! Affordable FootRest. Made in the USA.

    I've been searching for an affordable door hinge foot rest as the only ones I have seen so far were the RTR ones that are $180. I was happy when I found these for $60 and are made in the USA. They are a nice simple design and just use the existing door hinge bolt to hold them in place. He has...
  5. Tennessee Ridergraphix Retro Side Stripe

    For Sale Ridergraphix RETRO SPECIAL DECOR STYLE SIDE GRAPHICS KIT (WIDE BELOW BODY LINE) for Four Door Radius style in Matte black https://ridergraphix.com/store/2021-up-Ford-Bronco-Retro-Special-Decor-Style-Side-Graphics-Kit-Wide-Below-Body-Line-p406680683 Bought them before the Bronco...
  6. Badlands Wheel/Tire takeoffs Northeast TN

    Only 75 miles on tires. See sales ad here: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/badlands-wheels-tires-tpms.46094/
  7. Badlands Diablo Build 👹 (Updated SVC Off Road 2" Lift )

    I normally don't name vehicles at all so I just came up with Diablo more just for clickbait and thought it fit the Hot Pepper Red...lol. Just wanted to share some pics of the mods as I add them to my 4 door soft top Hot Pepper Red Badlands. I am really loving the color and have already had...
  8. Tennessee Sold: Badlands Wheels Tires TPMS

    2022 Badlands Wheels, Tires, TPMS sensors and lugnuts. Set of 5 only 75 miles on tires. 33" BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 285/70/17 Located in Northeast Tennessee. $1,500
  9. Is Palsapp worth checking

    Just wondering if anyone, who has tracked shipping lately, has gotten any useful information from checking the palsapp website? Mine has been built "awaiting shipment" now for about a month. I keep checking ordertrack.app and palsapp both hoping for updates. Thanks!
  10. Lots of Broncos...if you're desparate

    My parents went to Ohio over the weekend to buy a used Lincoln Nautilus. My Dad called me while there and said they had 15 Broncos in stock! I asked how much over sticker are they asking he said it just had MSRP on the window so I told him to ask someone. So they were wanting a little over...
  11. Bestop Price Increase beginning April 4th

    I got this email from Bestop and thought I would post for anyone who has been thinking about pulling the trigger on an order you may want to do it soon.
  12. 20% Discount on Ford Accessories & Performance Parts Using Coupon Promo Code

    Ford Performance is offering 20% off on purchases through Feb. 12th using code FORDXKOH Per Mike Levine:
  13. Tennessee Sold: WTB: Bronco Swag Flag

    I didn't receive any of the Bronco swag items and would be interested in buying someone's Bronco flag if they don't want it. Let me know what you got and price shipped to 37663. Thanks!
  14. Raptor Design Cues

    Well it finally dawned on me the other day which other SUV fender flares reminded me of the Raptor ones...The Isuzu Vehicross!
  15. Got a build date and VIN! Can't believe it!!

    So I really truly don't understand this ordering and allocation process or the algorithm's they are using for selection. I never had a reservation at all so placed a retail order with Chapman on September 8th being around 380 on their list with no reservation. Later as everyone knows, the...
  16. Tow Package Specifics

    I have been searching here on the forum and online and can't find any good information about what all exactly the tow package adds. The question is becoming more relevant now that it has become a constraint again. I thought if a "Sticky Thread" could be created here with all the information in...
  17. Another Clueless Dealer

    I noticed a dealer near me has been running commercials claiming they have Broncos in stock so I checked out their web site to see https://www.gatewayfordgreeneville.com/new-inventory/index.htm?model=Bronco As you can see they do and all seem to be marked up $10k-$15k or more over MSRP. So I...
  18. Name that grille

    Saw this grille with the large openings on multiple SEMA builds. Anyone know the source?
  19. Looks like even Joey Logano had to wait for his Bronco...

    Saw that Joey Logano just posted this on the Twitters about getting #22 VIN First Edition. For the non-NASCAR fans that is the number of his car. I am wondering if his came with the Ford Performance tune already installed? Also so much for the break-in period on the motor:oops: My funny...
  20. Funny looking "Portable Fridge/Freezer" ?? Only $50!!

    I was flipping through some of the extra options in build in price and saw one under "Racks and Carriers" labeled as "Portable Fridge/Freezer" for $49.95. So out of curiosity and thinking that's pretty cheap could be cool for tailgating/camping. I clicked on the information button and this is...