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  1. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Already?! Oh no! To your earlier question, my first order of business was tint all around, paint-matching reaper front shackles from MHI, hitch 4th brake light/reverse kit, DV8 Front plate holder, and haven't yet installed/used: Broncover, Oracle spare tire brake light ring, paint-matching...
  2. is Extended Warranty worth it?

    Does purchasing the ESP earn you Fordpass Reward points for purchasing the plan?
  3. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    You’ll be enjoying yours very soon Philrod!
  4. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Congrats...enjoy it! On day 2 here, with top off yesterday, its a blast.
  5. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    You're getting really close.
  6. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Oh, and the pizza tracker was sitting all the way back at Order Confirmed through the day yesterday, and then this morning I woke to it Shipped and now its in Final Preparation both stages with yesterday's date on it.
  7. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Mine arrived late yesterday by truck convoy to VA. They are prepping it now and I'm planning to pick it up at the end of the day.
  8. Anyone financing? What rates are you getting?

    I know this was last month's thread but in case others are shopping loans, I just received 4.99% for 60months with Navy Federal Credit Union. Best rate I've found so far for a 60month.
  9. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Thanks for the VinView details Matt. Today I woke to the pizza tracker now showing Built with a date of yesterday 4/16, good news! No email from Ford or the dealer but will be following up with them on further tracking in VinView.
  10. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Rick, did you receive a heads up from your dealership, a smoke signal, anything since the email about being in production? I reached out to my dealer last night and he was clueless, passed me the same goofy email we all received Thursday about still being in production last week. No help at...
  11. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Congrats! First graduation from the class!
  12. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Darn, I'm still showing In Production with date of 4/05. No changes since that week, only the seemingly odd email we mentioned earlier. One of you guys even had a blend date days later than mine... I wonder if things are indeed still "In production" of some sort, or its a system status lag on...
  13. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Yup, I just got the exact same email. And this was the only email I’ve received since my build was scheduled back in Feb.
  14. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Yeah, mine is also still showing in production with date of 04/05/2024. Reading other posts, it may remain in this status for a while (days) despite it being done and shipping have started. The pizza tracker status changes aren’t as real-time as they should be. Look for a tear tag value popping...
  15. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    My understanding is it’s the last step to confirm the modules are validated as “done” and maybe the last step tracked in that system.
  16. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    This morning, the Tear Tag is now populated on the module report and pizza tracker still showing In Production however now with a date of 04/05/2024 added. Sounds like I'm just a couple days behind you. Time to get my affairs in order as I'm expecting the CONVOY delivery to be quick. 🤞
  17. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Nice! Rick, what was your blend date? Reading last week's build thread for 3/25, I see one with blend on Tuesday the 26th, arrived at the dealership by CONVOY to TN yesterday. That's pretty quick.
  18. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    My blend date was yesterday and today I see the BCM modules have started popping. Progress! https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt How's the rest of the 4/1 class doing?
  19. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    Also, now that we're getting to this stage, I found this post to be helpful in describing and translating all the window sticker information...
  20. Bronco Build Week 4/1/2024

    I just checked, my pizza tracker moved to In Production and my window sticker is working today. I last checked it at lunchtime yesterday and it still had the old status. Getting closer. (y)