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  1. Bronco is at the dealership, But

    My bronco is at the dealership, but, I can't get it until Saturday. Why you might ask? Well seems that the passenger side window will not roll up or down. At least, the dealership caught it. Staying positive, or trying too.
  2. Very Pleased with my Dealer!!!

    I am very pleased with my Ford dealer, Benson Ford of Easley SC, they have been very helpful and very easy to get into contact with and given me all the info I have asked for and more. Thanks, Benson Ford. I texted this morning to see about where my Bronco was in being shipped, they sent me a...
  3. It's Alive. Part II. My 2024 Ford Bronco Build.

    Not only is it built, but, Ford told me, today, that my Bronco has been shipped. Oh Happy Day!!!
  4. It's Alive. My 2024 is Built

    Next Step completed. Now just ship it to me.
  5. I finally got it.

    I got my Vin # and build week. It is 01/01/2024, Happy New Year to me.