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  1. Finally spotted in Canada. 2 OBX. Red and Blue at Ford Oakville.

    Spotted these two today going to my parents place. First time seeing them in person. They are parked in the visitor parking lot at the Ford plant in Oakville. Red one had brown interior and dash with stock bumper and a tow hitch. Blue one had HD bumper with the blue interior. Did not like that...
  2. Do manual transmission Broncos still come with a high and low range?

    Regarding the transfer case. does the manual transmission broncos still come with a high and low range? i'm thinking about, but it'd have a 2H and 4A/4H. so why not 4L? now if you put it into 4L with the crawler gear, the ratio must be nuts.
  3. Front License Plate Mounting Location

    Are there any photos or ideas of where the front plate will mount to? And for the people posting, i don't need a front plate, etc. good for you and thanks for the thread bump.
  4. Thoughts on pricing for used items?

    So I'd be plenty happy for lets say the stock rock rails and upgraded bumpers from Ford. But others are looking to upgrade to aftermarket items. Trying to be a bit more financially conscious, what do you think the prices of used oem parts would be going for? i'm starting to think of a 4dr...
  5. Testing B-Roll Video

    I love seeing these tests.
  6. 4x4 Part Time Selectable Engagement vs Advanced On Demand Auto Engagement

    So what is the difference between the two 4x4 engagements? Does the part time selectable mean you have to move the dial from 2wd to 4wd yourself where the other has a automatic mode? the the advanced on demand is an option for the lower half trim levels. wonder what cost they would put on it...
  7. Speedometer adjustment for tire sizes

    Have we seen anything in the infotainment that the speedo is adjustable dependent on tire size? i know some cars you can put it in winter tire size mode. Will Ford offer an adjustment to display the correct speed with various sizes tires? People buying a base with sasquatch pkg need it...