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  1. 2022 B@O sub upgrade

    This is where I put the amp…ignore the rest of the picture as this example doesn’t have the sub enclosure but your amp will fit in the same place as this one.
  2. 2022 B@O sub upgrade

    I looked and plugnplaykits.com. Click on the red bronco and it’s kit 2. That’s all you need other than you will need to order a power wire for the amp. If you already have the sub and amp, I think he sells the harness only. I will send you a pic of where I mounted the amp.
  3. All things Kicker Amps and Audio Electronic and Impacting Sound Quality

    Thanks because I have a question regarding the Key 500.1 amp. I installed this with a Kicker sub. I ran the remote bass control to the dash but it doesn’t seem to be adjusting the bass. Am I supposed to plug it in to the amp before or after tuning the amp? Any good way to test if the remote...
  4. 2022 B@O sub upgrade

    I did exactly what you are looking to do. You can order a harness from PlugNPlay that will connect the key amp and kicker subwoofer. The only thing you need to do is run the power wire. Also, the key amp will fit nicely to the right towards rear of B&O enclosure with a couple of screws. I...
  5. That's it...I'm done...I can't wait anymore...Anderson Composites White Hard Top installed

    Looks great. Where did you get the headliner or did that come with it?
  6. 💋Big Thanks from All of You for Trusting Us!💋

    Does it fit the 2021 Bronco Raptor?
  7. Shelter Green 2024 Bronco Raptor in garage.

    I’m waiting to see that color in person. I have a 2022 Braptor in the Cyber Orange but that green really caught my eye. Congrats
  8. Does Code Orange Package have hood decal?

    I just looked at a build and code orange package seemed to only include graphics. Didn’t see where you could remove it But not sure
  9. Keyless Coded Entry

    When I was working on fuses, I noticed there was a master door code sticker on the cover of the driver fuse box (inside). Maybe you got lucky and someone put it there.
  10. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    I hate to ask but I am still having trouble getting the switch to pair with the module. I have the app closed and turned off the Bluetooth on my phone just to make sure it is not connected. I powered the vehicle down, hit the switch where it is flashing all bars and power vehicle in accessory...
  11. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    Only took about 1 hour. The only thing that was awkward to get to was the harness under the air intake but the directions for the Raptor were spot on for that location. The other thing I was confused with was the bluetooth remote. You cannot have the app on the phone connected or the...
  12. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    Wanted to post a quick update. Excellent customer service. They reached out to me and were able to help me figure it out. Turns out it was wording in the app. I thought when I hit the DISABLE button, it would disable the Auto Start/Stop. The button that I needed to hit on the app was...
  13. Dealership Fail! #2

    And what is interesting is I just saw a television ad yesterday that Ford is rolling out a mobile maintenance program where they come to you for stuff like oil changes.
  14. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    That would be great. The VIN is 1FMEE5JRONLA50867. I tried it several times enable and disable and didn’t change. Appreciate the assist.
  15. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    Installed on my Braptor. Really love the ability to adjust gas pedal responsiveness. Can feel the power difference but have not had a chance to run it hard. I was able to turn off the double honk from the app, however the auto start/stop did not change even though I disabled on the app. I...
  16. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    Thanks…I will order for my Raptor. Looking forward to the extra stuff like disabling double honk
  17. Bronco Raptor Support on Pulsar XT is live!

    Does it have any impact on GOAT modes, i.e., if in Sport mode, does this just supplement additions to Sport mode changes?
  18. Speaker Pods - Which Ones?

    I did the MTI also. I did order the JL Audio C2 from their website.
  19. B&O Simple Sub Replacement Help

    I did pretty much what you are thinking about. I upgraded my 4” dash speakers, 6.5” kick panel speakers, increased POD speakers from 4” to 6.5”and upgraded the sub with the kicker comp R and Key 500.1 amp with Plug and Play harness. I’m pretty happy with it as I am not an audiophile and don’t...