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  1. Front differential pinion seal leaking

    Just had my front diff pinion seal replaced at just over 23K on my 2022 Everglades. I also believe it was the source of the burning smell that I would always smell while in 4wd. Caused by all the fluid burning off under the car. The leak on mine seemed to be more than just a slow leak. I first...
  2. Updated Winner **GIVEAWAY TIME** BACH BUILT OFF-ROAD Billet UCA's

    Like the design and aesthetic of your products
  3. No more 2023MY scheduling for hardtops, Sasquatch and LUX (reported by dealership)

    Seems as though he took that video he posted about the constraints down from YouTube cause I could have sworn I watch it just yesterday or the day before, but it no longer posted to their page. Wonder the stuff behind this post is the reason they took it down.
  4. modshiva

    Bronco Everglades

    Late posting this but I’ve been having fun driving my Everglades. Took delivery or her on the 8th of December. Took her up to Lake Tahoe and got her dirty. Enjoying it!
  5. 9/5/22 Build week group

    The only real complaint I have about my dealer is that for some reason they didn’t install the damn hook on the winch. I didn’t even notice until I got home and was like wait why is it still in the trunk oh well easy fix. Probably replace it with a different one eventually.
  6. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Cheers! Good luck to you when you pick yours up!
  7. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Took delivery, smooth transaction. Gave me good price on my trade in can’t complain. Wait is finally over.
  8. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Well no price protection for Everglades, so one less thing to worry about. I have talked to them about price and was promised in writing that it would be sold to me at MSRP. Just hoping they stick to their word. There hasn't been any people that have bought their Broncos from them that have...
  9. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Talked to my dealer today. Bronco was delivered to the dealership. Picking it up tomorrow afternoon. Hoping for a smooth transaction.
  10. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Dang they already got yours to your dealer. Hopefully I get mine soon. Still waiting.
  11. 9/5/22 Build week group

    They should have put mine on your train and dropped it off in its way through NV haha
  12. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Hoping for the same!
  13. 9/5/22 Build week group

    I wonder why they sent yours a different way then @Itsdchz and mine went. It went right by LA. Doesn’t make any sense. Were you on a UP train or a BNSF train? Wonder if that’s the difference.
  14. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Damn. Wonder if that means they’re backed up at the port. How did you get access to vin view? Dealer hook you up?
  15. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Humm hoping it doesn’t take that long to get to your dealership your only what like 4 hrs away haha. My dealer is about the same distance away up over the mountains haha. My delivery time frame is still 12/4-12/10. Hopefully your arrives earlier then 12/16.
  16. 9/5/22 Build week group

    @Itsdchz and my cars are almost to the Richmond, CA rail yard probably by morning time possibly. Hoping there isn’t much of a delay in shipping to the dealership for both of us.
  17. 9/5/22 Build week group

    So close … yet so far. Makes sense though money talks.
  18. 9/5/22 Build week group

    @Itsdchz your rail car still in Barstow, CA? Or did they leave me behind. Haha
  19. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Checked mine and @Itsdchz train status not too long ago and it’s in California, not too much longer and it should be in Richmond. Now hoping for a quick turn around at the rail yard!
  20. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Wonder if ours are on the same train. Just check and it departed AZ as of 8:06am PST